Worzel Gummidge - Series 3 (DVD)[over 3 hours!!] only £3.96 delivered @ uWish + Quidco!
Worzel Gummidge - Series 3 (DVD)[over 3 hours!!]  only £3.96 delivered @ uWish + Quidco!

Worzel Gummidge - Series 3 (DVD)[over 3 hours!!] only £3.96 delivered @ uWish + Quidco!

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Worzel Gummidge Series 3 includes:

1. Moving On
While the Braithwaiters are on holiday with Mr. Peters and the children, Worzel and Aunt Sally move into the farm for a holiday of their own - and turn everything into a terrible mess...

2. Dolly Clothes-peg
Worzel follows Aunt Sally to the fair and he gets a job as a casual labourer. He becomes jealous when he sees his girlfriend flirting with the strong man. The Great Orlando...

3. A Fair Old Pullover
At the farm, some of Mr. Braithwaiter's clothes are missing, and a pair of goggles also disappear. Worzel has stolen them for a trip into town - and while he is window shopping, he meets John and Sue, who point out that a fair Isle pullover, which he takes a fancy to is a 'giveaway' bargain...

4. Worzel The Brave
Aunt Sally is mistakenly sent with the luggage of the new owner of Bloomsbury - Barton Hall, Colonel Bloodstock, to the big house - and Worzel decides to rescue his beloved Aunt Sally.

5. Worzel's Wager
When Worzel goes into a betting shop to back a horse, hi is quickly shown the doors. However, when he hears of a whippet race taking place not far from Ten Acre, Worzel enters the crowman's dog, Rafter.

6. The Return Of Dafthead
A new scarecrow has taken over in Ten Acre Field, The children wonder who the new scarecrow is, and what has happened to Worzel.

7. Captain Worzel
Mr Shepherd is going on a barge holiday and decides to take his Aunt Sally with him, in the hope of selling her to a museum. Worzel finds out, he stows away on the trip, to save Aunt Sally from her fate.

8. Choir Practice.
Worzel is lent to the vicar for the graveyard - and, when John and Sue see him there on their way to choir practice, they tease him about the ghosts who roam the area in the night.


Bargin, heat and rep added:thumbsup:

i just bought this after seeing it on here for the price stated in this post, the post was expired before i bought it,the site said limited stock but you might still be able to get one.

just checked again, i think i got the last one, site now says "awaiting stock"

I got these for £2 each off choicesuk . they sometimes have them in a sale all the time .

I got all 4 series a couple of weeks back when they had the 5 dvd's for £10 deal on.
Thats uwish not choices, they also had 7 dvd's for £10 if anybody remembers.
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