WOW Set of 2 Cardboard Wardrobe Storage Boxes - Brown ARGOS £29.99

WOW Set of 2 Cardboard Wardrobe Storage Boxes - Brown ARGOS £29.99

Found 25th Feb 2012
Set of 2 Cardboard Wardrobe Storage Boxes - Brown.

Corrugated cardboard.
Each box size H122, W51, D51cm.
General information:

Packed flat.
Additional Inf
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cold from me just because its 1:40 am sat morning and your looking at argos site why?

I never knew the homeless needed wardrobes

They could turn it into their homes by laying it horizontal on the ground and waterproofing it. On the other hand, each of them probably won't have 15 quid to waste on a box.
why oh why
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I've just had a great idea. Why don't these companies build these out of wood, it would last longer.

Ps. I thought this is the standard build quality of argos furniture anyway.
seeing they are in the moving house section gives a hint to what you use them for
I thought that's why we had charity/used shops. so we can buy wooden furniture for £30.00!!
I like the way wardrobe is printed on them so that you know these are not cardboard boxes.
You know the term "WOW" is over used when it is used to describe cardboard wardrobes.
Worst idea ever
Cheap coffins oO
This has to be the naffest thing I've ever seen on here
"not for use in damp environments" i.e. student accommodation - thats their target market thought, right?
I can't believe most people don't seem to know these are for packing up when moving. They're not so necessary if just moving across town when you will pack up and unpack the clothes pretty quickly, but they're great for a long-distance move, especially for nice suits, dresses and other clothes that you don't want folded up in a box for long.
my cat would probably torn them apart lol
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