Wow Stuff Remote Control Plane - £13.44 delivered

Wow Stuff Remote Control Plane - £13.44 delivered

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Wow Stuff Remote Control Plane. Perform fantastic flights and stunts without fear of destroying your aircraft on the maiden voyage. Radio control handset directs the plane at distances up to 300 feet. Ideal for children aged over 14 right up to heavy handed adults re-living their youth.


Add TECNO5 in the voucher code for a further 5% off.


Looks good. Does anyone know if it comes with rechargeable batteries?
Thanks for the voucher code too :thumbsup:

Thanks & welcome to HUKD IanPar

£13.44 inc delivery after using code TECNO5

Yes it comes with a rechargable battery for the plane however i think the remote takes 8AA batterys which are not included.

I would not recomend this to anyone i bought one awhile back same model battery life lasts about 5 minutes and it dont even stay in the air longer than 10 seconds.

How come, if battery life is 5 Mins that you claim it only flies for 10 secs?

Is it because the Hyperdrive warps the space/time continuum?

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Information found from various sources. The plane is rechargeable and i believe it does only fly for about 5mins, then it needs to be recharged. This takes approx. 10mins and it charges from the Remote Control itself, so a good supply of AA batteries for the controller itself is recommended. Like i said this is from various sources. My plane has been dispatched I'll add any extra information once i have it.:thumbsup:

This is a great price!!!

BUT .... I would not get one - My wife bought be one for Xmas from for 39.99 I think but it was shortly afterward reduced to £17.99 and then went up again.

The charge lasted for around 5 mins but it just kept going around in circles so I sent it back and got a refund.

I am tempted at the price but it was such a pain in the arse waiting for the thing to charge - it might have been more enjoyable if it stayed in the air but it didnt.

It a tree a few times and didnt even scratch it - Its sold as "virtually indistructable" and i would agree with that!

Good luck to those who buy and I hope you have more fun than frustation - £9.99 has to be worth a go - I am almost talking myself into getting one now!!!


These are cool, but not worth more than a tenner or so, as they are disposable RC's.

Trust me, ive been racing RC's for yonks, these are made of polystyrene and will probably break apart after a few flights. Good fun while they last though.

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Got that when the following page after entering my CC details didn't load up. The fact that the page trying to load up is the success page suggests it has gone through so bewere not to hit refresh or go back and reload it incase it goes through twice.

I'll wait and see if a confirmation/receipt email comes through.

Order Confirmation Order No. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

just ignore the error, sale would of gone through.

Looks good I have just gone to order one, the price is showing £14.99 looks like I've missed this one?????

If you want something good that will fly perfect get a slow flying 3 channel plane. You will thank me you did!

Go for something like; T-Hawk, Slo-V etc... do a search

I took mine up a few hundred feet and was cruising for around 5 mins around the park. Applied too much pitch and had a stall. Small crash but nothing too drastic. I have also flown at near ground height (say 2-3 metres of the ground) and circled the park smoothly with full control. All on my first flight.

I just got mine now, its very windy outside though so I doubt ill risk it lol, it comes with the rechargeable battery for the plane but you will need 6 AA batteries. You then plug the rechargeable battery into the hand set!

I cant wait for the wind to die down

Link doesn't work anymore.

I have one of these and have ordered this one now.

Its great fun! Mine lasted forever but eventually the one motor got tired so it started flying in circles. Its very strong. I crashed it loads of times and it just bounces back. The battery doesn't last forever but mine lasted around 7 minutes. 7 minutes is quite a long time when you're flying. Anyway, its definately worth a tenner!

It's not on that site anymore i've looked on fleebay an this exact model is on £12 plus £10 p&p with 3 days left

Got mine this morning, too windy to try at the moment though

the instructions say do not fly in more than 5mph for the wind, so according to that means 6am on sat for me lol

As with most decent offers the p&p to Belfast is a complete rip-off!

Deal has 'gone with the wind'

im still waiting to get my bad boy up in the air lol

the weather has been awful
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