WOW WEE Alive Cubs and Mini Cubs - half price @ ToysRUs

WOW WEE Alive Cubs and Mini Cubs - half price @ ToysRUs

Found 10th Nov 2010
Available for Click & Collect.
Mini cubs come as panda, lion, leopard or tiger

These WowWee Alive Mini Cubs are so cute and huggable, you will want them all! These life like soft toy cubs come alive when you give them love and attention! Stroke their back, pat their head or cradle them in your arms, and it will respond with blinking eyes, animated mouth and cub sounds!
* 7 adorable baby animal sounds
* Knows when you pick them up or lay them down
* Falls asleep when you leave them alone
* Feed with included bottle
* Adoption certificate included

Also for half price (was £39.99 now £19.99)
Wow Wee Alive Husky Cub
WowWee Alive Leopard Cub
Wow Wee Alive Seal Pup

These come with the following features:
* Pet the cub/pup and it will respond with sounds and motion
* Stroke it's back, pat it's head or cradle it in your arms
* Blinking eyes, animated mouth and baby animal sounds
* Leave alone and go to sleep before powering down
* Adoption certificate and family portrait included
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So cute!
£10 delivered on ebay weekly deals if you cant get to a store
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