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Weber Compact Kettle BBQ 57cm - £99.99 delivered @ Wowbbq
Posted 19 h, 31 m agoPosted 19 h, 31 m ago
Great deal, just bought one for me and one for me brother
Get deal*Get deal*



Apologies, my mistake.


That's the 47cm version. 57cm is £115.


I got a similar barbecue for £25 in 1982 so that's a COLD from me.


£94.99 bbq world.

Weber compact Portable Chimney Starter - £17.09 + £4.50 Delivery @ WOW BBQ
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
These have been out of stock for a while and just starting to come back in. I have been looking for one this size for a while, perfect for the smaller portable weber BBQ's such as … Read more

I think some people were talking about lighting using flammable liquids as an alternative to a chimney starter. Yes you can light a bbq without a chimney and you can without using flammable liquids but a chimney makes it so easy and fast that I think it’s a decent purchase. I know that I’ll be using my bbq a whole lot more knowing it’s always ready to cook on after 15 - 20 minutes and no effort at all.


People talking about petrol/spirits as an alternative method of lighting a bbq, however if a kettle is used properly it avoids using those types of products. Which means no chance of the food having a flammable product flavour in the food.


Webers are overpriced in my opinion,i do have a Weber kettle type and they last longer than the cheap supermarket bbq.But the firestarter at this price nah.


Would you say the same for a Weber bbq compared to a cheaper one? Maybe I got unlucky when in bought a cheap starter once in the past.


Exactly, that's why this deal is in fact cold

Weber Spirit Classic E0210 Gas BBQ - With GBS GRATES £314.10 @ WowBBQ
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Weber Spirit Classic E0210 Gas BBQ - With GBS GRATES £314.10 @ WowBBQ
Been looking around. Not the best price ever. However bbq have increased in price recently. Second set of grates can be sold to make bbq cheaper

Works really well. I found cheapest price was on Amazon


Nice one, will get one on order!



What do you guys use to clean the GBS grates? I haven't purchased yet but just making sure I have all the gear ready!


Looks like mine is faulty , will speak to the supplier

Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 57cm £135.65 @ WOWBBQ
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 57cm £135.65 @ WOWBBQ
Add Weber Tool Hooks here and Weber Grill Brush here to bring the total over £150, then use code WOWBBQ10, which takes £15.07 off. This BBQ is around this price in many place,… Read more

You get the Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) which is about £100 thrown in, charcoal baskets thrown in etc, but if you just want to cook 99% of things most people in the UK cook on their BBQ the original is just fine.


Could anyone tell me what the main differences between the standard 57cm kettle, the premium and the mastertouch are? Had a look at the adverts but finding it hard to see understand what the key differences are other than the better ash catcher. The master touch is nearly £300 at the moment so would want a lot extra for it for that much Thanks


Amazon warehouse


Where did you but your SS baskets for £10 from?


Fair enough. Didn't know they come in UK markets. The original is a banging price though. Its like anything diminishing returns. The grates are much better, nicer handles and lid holder. They're small quality of life improvements that normally cost more on any product Vs the value of the original. Being able to adjust temps without needing oven gloves, grates you can easily add more coals or have more add ons in future if required, more robust coal grates coal baskets inside, handles you can hang tools off, nice easy to use ash catcher, better wheels, igrill attachment for probes, lid that is easily moved to the side, better air intakes for low and slow cooking. Some of these are on the non clearance model though. None of these are going to really change how your food comes out but they just make cooking less stressful and help out.

Weber Bar-B-Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 57cm £84.99 with code @ WOWBBQ
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Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Weber Bar-B-Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 57cm £84.99 with code @ WOWBBQ
Cheapest Webber charcoal BBQ at this time. Comes with 10 years warranty Weber Bar-B-Kettle GBS Charcoal Barbecue 57cm Break into the world of barbecuing with a Bar-B-Kettle charc… Read more

Out of stock


Got a phone call saying none in stock and now, refunded!


Does it come with the GBS grill though? I think that's what was making this deal :) It's saying OOS for me anyway


It is £95 on bnq if people are still wanting it although obviously £10 more.


Yep. Same here. Obviously can't be bothered to do something as simple as stock control on their website.

Weber® Master-Touch GBS Premium SE E-5775 Charcoal Grill 57cm for £250 @ WOW BBQ
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Weber® Master-Touch GBS Premium SE E-5775 Charcoal Grill 57cm for £250 @ WOW BBQ
The ultimate 3-in-1 Weber Charcoal Grill - for grilling (direct), roasting (indirect) and smoking (low & slow) New for 2019 , the Weber Master-Touch Premium 3-in-1 BBQ is the… Read more

I tried to resist buying the pizza ring, I bought it this morning. Thanks.

Amazing bbq but not a great price for January


It’s actually a ring with a letterbox style hole in the side for making pizzas. I covered the letterbox hole with tinfoil for doing the turkey. It’s this one... it works incredibly well for pizzas


Where did you get the ring? I have a rotisserie but no way to attach it. That would work well for me.

Da_Ta (y)

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Weber® GBS Cast Iron Cooking Grates 2 Burner - £28.49 (With Code) @ Wowbbq
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Posted 23rd Aug 2019Posted 23rd Aug 2019
Weber® GBS Cast Iron Cooking Grates 2 Burner - £28.49 (With Code) @ Wowbbq
Bargain price for this. Usually £99.99. Fits the spirit 200 models. Part no is 8846

No problem. Just has mine today. They are brilliant. So much more sturdy than the ones that came with it


Just bought these, thank you so so much.


Yes free over 50. Ordered some replacement flavorizer bars.


Was free when I added 2 to to the basket


£4.5 delivery

Weber Q2200 large portable BBQ £260 Wowbbq
-169° Expired
Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
Weber Q2200 large portable BBQ £260 Wowbbq
Weber® Q2200 If you want all the performance of a Weber gas barbecue but in a smaller package, look no further than the newly designed Q2200. This compact barbecue with a surpris… Read more

They need to go to a BBQ forum then (angel)


Haven’t voted either way but maybe the coldness is from the true bbq fans who only use charcoal and see gas as something you could do in the house :/ .


People down voting - Can you find this cheaper anywhere? I know its expensive but even second hands on eBay are selling for more than £200 because of its built quality.


Are people voting it down because it is not portable, or the price? As for the product, they are great. We used to have a 3200 when we lived in Australia and it was superb. We cooked everything on it. The price is steep as it's a weber, but this post is about a discount, it might not be the lowest ever, but I do not think it should be down voted, because of the portability concerns, if that is the case. Great BBQ. I currently have a Genesis, Kettle GBS, Smoker...... and an Uuni


Just get a Smokey Joe. Truly portable.

Webber Spirt Classic 2 Burner with side Hob £295.99 @ Wow BBQ
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Posted 4th Jan 2019Posted 4th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Webber Spirt Classic 2 Burner with side Hob £295.99 @ Wow BBQ
This is an absolute bargain, purchased today to replace my 15 year old Webber BBQ that sadly fell off my decking during a gale force wind. The nearest price I could find to this wa… Read more

More cosmetic bent wheels and door, going to bring in the garage in the warmer weather tidy up and sell on gumtree once done


Had great customer service from weber uk, spares were available so you can keep them going. I bought a customer return to B&Q very cheap and Weber still replaced the bits that caused the return FOC. The only thing going on mine are the Flavorizer Bars getting rusty 8 years My cheap cover is on its last winter. how bad was the damage? might be possible to rebuild at reasonable cost.


Always take care with comparisons of products when the comparison is made by a supplier which only sells one of the brands would be my advice. (skeptical)


True but then they haven’t owned a Weber see the difference ;-) From a review comparing both brands : Most Char-Broil grills are made of type 430 stainless steel. This lower grade of stainless steel tends to rust in a few years, especially around the burner box. Weber grills are constructed of a higher grade of stainless steel and porcelain which holds up in all types of weather and heavy use.


Then again this is one of the reviews from the Char Broil on Asda Direct. Personally would be more than happy if a 4 burner BBQ with side burner priced at 250 quid lasted 18 years! (y) Plus the Char Broil also has enamel grills. * Hardwearing, easier-clean porcelain enamel cooking grills Fantastic bit of kit Love it very good BBQ bought a Char Broil 18 years ago hope this one lasts as long??? The quality seem to be just the same who knows only time wil tell but I would definitely recommend

Weber smokey mountain 47cm£299 @ Wowbbq
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Posted 3rd Dec 2018Posted 3rd Dec 2018
Weber smokey mountain 47cm£299 @ Wowbbq
Weber smokey mountain 47cm £100 off rrp the smaller 37cmand larger 57cm models are also discounted

Up to £ 358.99 now


Got a link or a brand name?


so so so tempted! got to resist.


I bought something very similar off amazon for around £80 and its absolutely brilliant


Awesome bit of kit fire and forget once up to temp

Weber Original 3 Piece Tool Set at wowbbq for £25
-47° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Weber Original 3 Piece Tool Set at wowbbq for £25
(6630 Reduced from £49.99. The tool set includes tongs, spatula and fork. All made from stainless steel with easy grip rubber handles and useful tool hooks so you can hang them wit… Read more

Getting chilly.... (lol)

Weber Smokey Joe BBQ £20 + £4.50 del Wowbbq
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Weber Smokey Joe BBQ £20 + £4.50 del Wowbbq
Weber smoke Joe BBQ £20 only!!!
Get deal*Get deal*

O Doctor! Nice find. Heat added.


I got a shipped confirmation email for delivery on Monday. Crazy price, £20 delivered. Thanks OP.


Already got a Weber Go Anywhere so did not need this, but at this price etc.


Not sure if you're messing around but will reload for the next 5 mins or so. Though I'm pretty sure they don't hold stock for baskets - first come first serve etc


I've just released 10 i had in my basket so you might be able to get one now

Weber Master Touch 57cm Charcoal BBQ Lowest Price!
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018LocalLocal
Weber Master Touch 57cm Charcoal BBQ Lowest Price!
Lowest price EVER! Fantastic deal 🔥 WEBER® MASTER-TOUCH® GBS® 57CM - Spring Green ALSO Crimson Red Bursting with all the features of the best-selling One-Touch® Premium… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Sounds like a fabulous idea. I often get into trouble grilling in the house! ;( I think I need to install a commercial extractor fan or get grillin' in the great outdoors! (highfive)


It's my outdoor kitchen. Lived in our house for 12 years and never used the grill inside the house. Cooked on charcoal 3 times in the last week alone, I love it...rain, snow, whatever.


Arise... Sir BBQ King! :D


I've got a couple here, depending on mood


Crikey, you must be a BBQ King with that set up! (y)

Weber premium one touch 57cm Cheapest Ever! Now £115 Delivered
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018LocalLocal
Weber premium one touch 57cm Cheapest Ever! Now £115 Delivered
Lowest EVER price! WEBER®® ORIGINAL KETTLE® PREMIUM 57CM (BLACK) Formerly referred to as the Weber® One-Touch Premium, the Weber® Original Kettle® Premium 57cm (Black) is a mod… Read more
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Can’t believe they’re still selling it at this price! Just shows their profit margins!


I had some Weber stuff arrive from wow, great service and fast delivery even with Black Friday.


Thanks for posting well happy with this price, ordered!


So very tempting! Shame missed the 99£ I have a standard Weber Kettle 57cm that's going strong after 12 years. I haven't put a rain cover on it and the only gripe I have is the bottom coal rack is slightly bent over time due to extreme heats but other than that, one of the best buys I've ever made! I'd recommend you all get a Weber chimney to help start the fire or some other brand - just make sure it has sufficient airflow from the bottom as I've seen imitations that don't have enough holes and/or placement that detrimental to the flame building that should be roughly 25-30mins to be red hot. Get some newspaper and crumple them into long sausage shapes then place under the chimney with a piece of kindle and you're good to light! Haven't seen it at £115 for a long time to be honest let alone £99.


Gone up £16, can't buy it knowing it was cheaper last night.

Weber Spirit Classic 3 Burner BBQ with Side Hob And many More! £399 @ Wowbbq
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Weber Spirit Classic 3 Burner BBQ with Side Hob And many More! £399 @ Wowbbq
Weber Spirit Classic 3 Burner BBQ with Side Hob And many More!!!!! Awesome price!!! Act fast - great out of season offer. Bought myself from them just after Christmas last year. … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Are you going to repeat this post on every deal that involves a branded product? Pretty daft argument TBH...

I used over one year the side burner twice... I would recommend the three burner system as it gives you more options... but either way, their out of season pricing is excellent!


Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at the spirit classic 2 hob with side hob for £300 and the spirit original e-210 for £340. Side hob seems attractive option, does this trump the cast iron? Like you say not fussed about your points 2 or 3. I got a cheap keter outdoor box for £50 that will house the BBQ when not in use

Something along the lines... 1) Porcelain enamelled cast iron grate (original) versus porcelain coated stamped steel (classic). You want cast iron. 2) Battery powered ignition lighter (original) versus mechanical (classic). Meh.... the battery powered is quieter, the mechanical piezo is probably more reliable (no batteries to go dead). Not a big deal. 3) Front door storage versus the open mesh cover. The door version will make it easier to store some tools and junk in there. Meh... Not a big deal. Personal aesthetics. Get a cover for it.


It seems the main difference is Porcelain-Enamelled Steel for Classic and Porcelain-Enamelled Cast Iron for Original. Can anyone comment on the benefits / difference. The original is and extra £50 at the monent

Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS Barbeque / BBQ £559 @ Wowbbq
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Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS Barbeque / BBQ £559 @ Wowbbq
This is a fantastic price for the Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS BBQ. Lowest I have seen it for many months (lowest I’ve ever seen it). Their Black Friday BBQ sale hasn’t yet started … Read more

What a great price


Purchased in the end, they matched the code over the phone. Excellent customer service.


They have turned off the code today


Go to the Riverside website - potentially on a browser that hasn't visited there before. Move your mouse away from the page as if you are about to leave. A popup comes up askng you to sign up, enter an email address and click "Reveal Code". At least, that's how I go it


Coupon code "DONTLEAVE" is not valid.

Weber Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm Various colours / retailers & Free Chimney Starter! £209 Wowbbq
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Posted 7th Aug 2018Posted 7th Aug 2018
Weber Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm Various colours / retailers & Free Chimney Starter! £209 Wowbbq
Wow! 🔥 for the Master Touch Model, & even including the limited Red one! ( which is more expensive £299 rrp ) on some retailers websites 3 offers in 1 BBQ wor… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

That was my exact thoughts the first time I did a beer can chicken on my Weber. Internal temps were ok, but so much juice I just didn’t believe it was cooked. Lovely to way to enjoy chicken though.


I had to look up vaporisation. Apparently it is the "Conversion of a liquid or solid into its vapour, such as water into steam."


Apparently its "vaporisation" rather than steam. Which doesn't actually help with the cooking process. Not sure I'm convinced.


Just looking at my picture, you can see the amount of can that has been exposed to about 400 degrees of heat for over one and a half hours. How is it possible for the contents of the can to not get hot enough to steam? Once I extracted the can from the chicken (carefully) there was definitely steam coming out of it - I tried to take a photo of it but my phone wasn't good enough to. Anyway, each to their own.


There have been many, many people on Reddit also saying that Beer can chicken has been debunked, the can doesn't even get hot enough to let off steam etc. etc. I just don't get it. Have people actually tried it for themselves?

Weber® Kettle® Plus 47cm Black - £99.99 Delivered @ WowBBQ
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Posted 29th Nov 2017Posted 29th Nov 2017
Weber® Kettle® Plus 47cm Black - £99.99 Delivered @ WowBBQ
Cheapest it’s ever been


Riverside garden centre are selling 57 one touch original kettle's for £118.99. Pay the extra 19 quid and get a full sized kettle you stuggle with 47cm and compact kettles for indirect, low n slow, minion and snake method cooking. But if your just flipping burgers and sausages great prices!


57CM Not the PLUS


Awesome great find @mitkomav


How much is the bigger size?

Weber Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm Black £180 @ Wowbbq
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Posted 28th Oct 2017Posted 28th Oct 2017
Weber Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm Black £180 @ Wowbbq
Features include: 57cm Gourmet BBQ System Grates (GBS) Lid thermometer to monitor temperature Briquette holders for effortless roasting One Touch Cleaning System Tuck-Away Lid Hol… Read more

Fantastic price! 🔥


I got one when they were on offer earlier this year. Excellent BBQ. Good price, well spotted op!


Best BBQ I've ever owned, good price. :)



Weber q1200 portable BBQ with free Bluetooth thermostat - £224.99 @ WOW BBQ
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Posted 19th Aug 2017Posted 19th Aug 2017
Weber q1200 portable BBQ with free Bluetooth thermostat - £224.99 @ WOW BBQ
A great BBQ if you like to take with you on your travels
Get deal*Get deal*

Thermostat? Does it control the temperature somehow?


HOT , paid £239 which was a decent price for a great BBQ , might be worth pointing out how much the rrp's are for the BBQ and thermostat. This Would normally be around £300 and discounts are rare with webers.

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