wowee flytech dragon fly £7.99 @ Home bargains

wowee flytech dragon fly £7.99 @ Home bargains

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Found 12th Nov 2010
cheapest around HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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In store only not a online company..................

Looks pretty good, they are damn fragile though.

These are really hard to fly but if you look online and on You Tube there are some good guides. £12 at Amazon I think. We briefly had a Pizo helicopteer from HB a couple of years ago - they are so sensitive that unless they are set up perfectly they just go round in circles and crash. Fortunately the controller packed in after a couple of days so I took it back and got a credit note. HB can be a bit funny about refunding so I am now a bit wary of buying electrical stuff from them.

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thanks for the advice aurora never returned item to HB but i know now that they can be funny cheers for the heads up.

Visited the York and Selby stores today looking for these. Staff had never heard of them !
Which store did you see them in ?

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It was in the Treforrest/Pontypridd branch in south wales.

They had loads stacked on the shelves.
My son had one of the helicopters last year and we have got this for him this year... all a bit of fun isn't it.
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