Posted 16 January 2023

Wray and Nephew Overproof Jamaican Rum 63% ABV 70cl £26.50/ £23.85 Subscribe & Save (£19.87 with 15% voucher on 1st S&S) @ Amazon

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I suppose this is one way to end Dry January with a bang!

If you choose the Subscription option and tick the voucher,there is 25% off in total!


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Jamaican Overproof Rum Review Comparison: Wray & Nephew Vs. Rum Fire #jamaicanrum #overproof(2021)

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  1. d3ron's avatar
    I think it’s fair that a warning is given for those that have never had this rum before. It is very very strong and in punch and with mixers will creep up on you very quickly.

    Its not something you drink neat!
  2. phuqfaze's avatar
    thanks OP seemed to be a lot cheaper at checkout
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    If you have 5 items on Subscription there is another 5% off,for a total of 30% reduction. Amazon calculates it as 70% of the full price!
  3. Pepz347's avatar
    After trying one from Jamaica and then this one, there is definitely an difference in taste! This one is run down
    Loveabargain99's avatar
    Watered down for exporting unfortunately
  4. barneyb's avatar
    I prefer this one. Only £12 for 1.75 litres in Antigua. Nice clean taste. 49333020-nF6cB.jpg
    c_1st's avatar
    Send us over a link to them in Amazon Antigua, so I can set up my S&S for a couple then (edited)
  5. JonClifton's avatar
    Sunset Very Strong Rum > Wray & Nephew
  6. cheappriceburns's avatar
    I used it once to clean the tape heads on my VCR, worked a treat.
  7. Monaco.Blue's avatar
    Check the one litre price too. Bought both on s&s this morning but need to check the price per litre and then cancel one.
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    I think this is cheaper per litre.
  8. JoeUk123's avatar
    Drink it with ting!
  9. bennett101's avatar
    I was introduced to this rum back in 2005 by a friend who had just come back from serving in Iraq. In the army they called it Shinobi’s Uncle. They sold it in Lloyds Bar in Manchester Printworks so he bought us all a shot of it. Three of my mates downed it and ran straight into the toilet and puked up. Me and my mate from the Army managed to keep it down. Since that day it’s been my drink of choice when trying to ruin my mates on a night out.

    Its absolutely disgusting to drink and smells bad too, but once you get past the initial taste you become numb to it, to the point where I can drink double Wray Nephew and Cokes. It’s a lot better in a rum punch, but where’s the fun in that?

    Asda stock it for a similar price, it’s well worth the money. I’d buy a bottle, but I have two full bottles and a quarter bottle from my 30th birthday.

    oh and it’s not too bad with milk, not amazing but definitely drinkable 🥛
    iGlad's avatar
    My missus drinks it like it’s water me I can’t touch it. It’s great as a punch but on its own it’s deadly. The experts drink it neat with a small glass of water.

    49339134_1.jpg (edited)
  10. Bristol1883's avatar
    Also known with our lads as "evening changer"
  11. Loveabargain99's avatar
    These are so hard to get in the supermarkets I was about to book a flight to Jamaica but Amazon to the rescue
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    I think this is strong enough to power the flight!! (edited)
  12. shunka's avatar
    I work in a venue with 800+ spirits. We have a random number generator for shot roulette. When it lands on this its game over for most people.
  13. Midge's avatar
    Great stuff to use when making a Flaming Zombie.
    Headnogood's avatar
    Wait, a what?no idea what that is but as is the hukd way I now need one in my life.
  14. Jef_B's avatar
    Great for peeling a layer of your stomach clean away, if consumed as is. Your breath can immediately afterwards throw flames from a lit match. It can, really.
  15. psd99's avatar
    This drink is strong. Absolute bargain below £20
  16. Simona90's avatar
    Nothing good ever comes from drinking too much rum!
  17. 12GSW12's avatar
    £18:54 for me. Makes a good rum and coke
    Shawna-kSenior-evans's avatar
    And me x
  18. zcaprd7's avatar
    I need to find the video, but Ralphy uses this to up the ABV on a 40% whisky, to spoof it up to a "cask strength"... (edited)
    zcaprd7's avatar

    Applies it to a Laphroaig, not sure if it's the same rum (you want something strong, but low flavour)...
  19. OutSpoken's avatar
    Thanks OP. Can never not have a bottle of wray in the house. Used for chasing, baking… the lot. (edited)
  20. jimbo23's avatar
    You know exactly where this is in your body when you do a shot of it because it burns. (edited)
  21. help-me2's avatar
    I always found this stuff smells like disinfectant to me
    zcaprd7's avatar
    Should go well with Laphroaig then!
  22. grumpyturnip's avatar
    I was about to ask why you need it to be ovenproof.......
    Pualle's avatar
    My Mrs made the same mistake. I'm just hoping she doesn't misread it when it arrives and use it to clean the oven. Although, it'll probably work for that also.
  23. sleepingwonder's avatar
    excellent, my fave rum. thanks!!
    Jino's avatar
    How are you drinking it?
  24. Deedeenone82's avatar
    Thanks op
  25. anisas's avatar
    Lovely stuff. To be treated with caution!
  26. stezo2k's avatar
    Lethal stuff. Makes a lonely rum punch
  27. PHILIPE666's avatar
    KITTYBOTS your'e on the deals today
  28. Philip_Seymour's avatar
    Nice mixed with ginger beer
  29. 3gees's avatar
    Thanks OP/heat, a staple item in my household
  30. LuxoR's avatar
    Great fire water this... nice one OP
  31. Ridgehead's avatar
    Too much like drinking petrol for me. Rum should not taste like petrol!
    joseph.hutton's avatar
    It's something you build to. This is quality stuff.
  32. DJSlime's avatar
    I miss Bacardi 151.
  33. lee_corfield's avatar
    Rocket fuel. Neck a double and you won’t be able to take a breath for 10 seconds!
  34. T09081998's avatar
    Thanks ❤️ I love this offer as I does love me some 63% Uncle Wray & his Nephew.
    I always have a little secret stash and I don't share.
    I have two 1 litre bottles hidden away and I recently had a 750 ml bottle brought back from Jamaica and now I'm going to add this to my collection.
    Summer 2023 here I come with lots of rum punch along the way.

    This isn't for the faint hearted and it's nothing like spiced rum so don't get too happy with this people unless you know exactly what you're drinking ❤️❤️❤️
  35. Pualle's avatar
    Mine is arriving tomorrow. Now I need to buy some pineapple juice or something civilised so that I'm not just drinking shots. I'm not as young as I used to be, I doubt I'd survive 2 shots.
  36. hullk's avatar
    My Jamaican mate at work used to bring me Wray and Nephew rum back from Jamaica in the noughties, before you could get it here.

    In a fight it gives Absinthe a bloody nose for the title of Quickest Chaos-inducing Drink. (edited)
  37. Simeon_Graham's avatar
    with Ice, lime and a potent ginger beer.. or a splash in a punch containing carrot juice, vanilla nurishment and import guinness
  38. ilovebargains2015's avatar
    Good old paint stripper
  39. DealioSmith's avatar
    Two bottles of this per week max in Canada
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    Thought the Canadian government now says only two drinks a week is acceptable!
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