WRC Powerslide (Steam) 87p @ GetGames

WRC Powerslide (Steam) 87p @ GetGames

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Found 23rd Dec 2014Made hot 23rd Dec 2014
New and immediate gameplay: It's fast, it's easy to play, it's a new way to step intro WRC world: race against 3other opponents on the same special stage. They can be driven by AI or your friends in multiplayer mode ! Enjoy new car handling. Accelerating, braking or using the handbrake in a new and smooth way: driving fast, drifting or jumping has never been so easy! Choose also your favorite settings: by default race against ghost car without or switching on the option, with collisions and surprising power ups on track... these could make the difference for your final win!

WRC license: WRC Powerslide is a licensed product, thus just choose your favorite driver and car within the official rosters of WRC Class, Class 2 and Class 3.Race after race depending on the results, you will unlock cars, medals and tracks for proving to be the fastest driver in the world ! From legendary Montecarlo to difficult Sardinia, how much fast can you drive?

Multiplayer: Powerslide grants cheerful fun for all players willing to challenge everyone all over the world! Race against your friends, slow down them with a Cloud of Dust bonus and win the race: you can earn points for the Player Rank-ing Leaderboard and become the best driver of all the world! But please, give your friends a rematch...

Outstanding graphics with a unique camera: high quality 3D models, full sense of speed, realistic weather conditions, colorful and smart style and wonderful locations you can appreciate thanks to the brand new top-down camera, allowing you to see a large portion of the track but also the environment around! Hey, pay attention, the race is on!!!!!

Game Modes
Single Player (career mode) Multiplayer Quick Race

24 Special Stages
Germany Portugal Wales Alsace Montecarlo Mexico Greece Italy
Each rally has 3 Special Stages

12 cars (WRC class + class 2 + class 3) 53 crews
8 Locations


nice one jay. bought and added to the huge backlog. trailer looked aight...

Update: Tried to redeem the key, it says i already own the game.... lol who wants a free key?
Edited by: "delahmed" 24th Dec 2014

Bought WRC 3 as well, thanks mate!

been drawn to this for a while, looks like an old arcade game I used to play years ago and loved.

Heat added and purchased. Happy Christmas all.

I'll take the free key please

Now £3.49
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