Wrex The Dawg only £39.99 (RRP £99.99) online / instore @ TJ Hughes

Wrex The Dawg only £39.99 (RRP £99.99) online / instore @ TJ Hughes

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Found 4th Dec 2008
Wrex the Dawg is a mischievous and quirky robot. Definitely mans best friend, this robotic pal looks like he has been created from scrap metal and discarded junk but hes a real character.

He can roam around autonomously, but when he malfunctions, youll have to help him reset his circuits.

Just like a real dog, you can have fun training and playing with this crazy canine. Wrex can scoot around on his back wheels, play and obey commands or just run wild like a real dog.

His behaviour depends on his moods and desires. He can be happy, angry or crazy and just like the real thing his three desires are exercise, the call of nature and hunger all of which are expressed in Wrexs crazy slot-machine eyes so youll always know what hes thinking and feeling.

Buy intore at this price of pay for postage (£5.50) making it £45.49, which is still cheaper than the next cheapest (Toys R Us £49.99) that I can find.

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