Wrigleys Extra 8 pack only £1.02 INSTORE at Tesco

Wrigleys Extra 8 pack only £1.02 INSTORE at Tesco

Found 13th Aug 2009Made hot 13th Aug 2009
At Tesco St Austell they have the 8 pack of Wrigleys Extra, both Spearmint and Peppermint, at £1.02, works out at 12.75p per pack, even less that the recently posted Morrisons deal.

Not sure if this is store specific.

Not showing online

Just remember to wrap it and bin it! Unless of course you are a chav In which case throw it on the pavement right outside my blinkin' door!


nice one, spearmint please.

NOT just Extra... all flavours priced between £1 - £1.02

I can never find these in my local Metro; great price.

Saw these in the Leatherhead store too. They had various flavours but most were out of stock

After reading this deal I just went and bought 3 packs from my local Tesco. Many thanks!!!

Heat & Rep

I also bought 2 packs in North Shields Tesco Extra yday....

Mega hot

I never go anywhere without :thumbsup:

Does anyone else think that the flavour goes quicker these days?

Yes and it turns all mushy and slimy. D:

nice find thank you
just been to tesco hellmens mayo 800g
was 2.99
now 1.48 till the 18/08/2009

Nice one, I live on this stuff lol. Will be popping to Tesco today for some stuff so will get some if they have any left.

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