WSC Real 08 (World Snooker Championship 08) on Wii with cue - £17.99 @ Play
WSC Real 08 (World Snooker Championship 08) on Wii with cue - £17.99 @ Play

WSC Real 08 (World Snooker Championship 08) on Wii with cue - £17.99 @ Play

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now 17.99 with cue for both tin edition and standard cue edition at play.com. it was 17.99 for the game only, a couple of weeks ago. i don't use my cue as it got in the way of the sensor for me, but worked for others. so if you get it and have trouble, then just practice without it, like myself. this has been out since 11th of november and real hard to beat. it's a game for patient people when you play the computer, but is rewarding and addictive when mastered. there are loads of options to change, which makes it harder or easier to hit the ball. even a child can hit the ball straight. some people say it's great and some say it's rubbish. since i got this on release, i have practiced and now have mastered the controls and won my first uk championship final. it's a tough game to beat, but that's what makes it so addictive in one player mode. the only people who will slate this are the ones who are not patient and can't beat the computer, however that means there judging this game on there own performance. games are meant to be based on lasting appeal and this game will last ages before you can get to number 1 in the world. i have made a few semi finals and won one final and would be interested to know if anyone else has done this too?, as i have now got a brand new cheat menu on mine, everytime i play. i don't believe in cheats, so won't use it, but just wondered if anyone else had it.
no online play, but 2 player snooker, pool and billiards with plenty of trick shots, coaching, tournaments, etc.



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wsc 08 standard cue edition is still 17.99, but the the tin edition has gone up 32.80. best get it quick before they put the price up for other edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good post nfl, thanks for the remider too beerpackman
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