Wuntu  - Free rewards app from Three

Wuntu - Free rewards app from Three

Found 15th Dec 2016
Just had an email about a free rewards app for Three customers.
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Aha. do you mnie od it's just for pay monthly customers or PAYG also?
Strangely on registration it did not ask for my mobile number ... so not sure if anyone can get the rewards in the app. There were 1000 free cinema tickets but these are all gone now. Some other 'rewards' might be of use to people so worth a look.
Wuntu is the app for iOS.
already posted several times

already posted several times

Care to link? I can only see one mention of it

Ohh... "Wuntu Three"... I get it
I wouldn't bovver with it by the complaints on google play they are saying most prizes have already gone.
tried this out last week & what a joke this app is when you actually manage to get past the registration without errors! all the offers 3-4 at best are gone but still repeat in the menu's waste of time.
Probably the buggiest app on the app store - if you manage to get past the loading screen, there might be some good deals? Won't know as the app keeps crashing...
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