Wuppo (PS4) 79p @ Playstation Network

Wuppo (PS4) 79p @ Playstation Network

£0.79£15.9995%Playstation PSN Deals
Posted 7th NovEdited by:"matwalaboy"
Should be worth a little play at 79p in my humble view.

Decent MetaScore of 70

After losing its home, one lonely Wum must travel the length and width of the world to find a new place to live. From the metropolitan haven Popocity to the cavernous Bliekopolis, our Wum will discover magical places and encounter strange creatures. But this Wum is no traditional hero and only by using wit and charm can it succeed in this massive journey.

Wuppo is a two man passion project, with hand-drawn visuals, an extensive soundtrack and a huge world to explore.

  • Explore a wondrous world filled with Wums, Fnakkers and other strange creatures.
  • Resolve an ancient conflict on your quest for a new home.
  • Use items and social skills to overcome diverse challenges.
  • Fight numerous enemies, ranging from small, to big, to MASSIVE!
  • Collect filmstrips to discover the world's detailed history.
  • Enjoy an enchanting and memorable orchestrated soundtrack.

Hope it helps someone.
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Just bought it cheers see what it about later lol
thanks, discovered this recently and was waiting for a sale, wasn't expecting 95% off though
Theres also deluxe and super deluxe editions on offer
Edited by: "UltimatePhoenix" 7th Nov
Worth a punt at that price. Heat.
Few others under £1...
Horizon Shift 81
Hyper Sentinel (really enjoyed this)
Cast of The Seven Godsends- Redux
Tango Fiesta
Edited by: "UltimatePhoenix" 7th Nov
UltimatePhoenix07/11/2019 20:58

Few others under £1...Horizon Shift 81Hyper Sentinel (really enjoyed …Few others under £1...Horizon Shift 81Hyper Sentinel (really enjoyed this)DefunctCast of The Seven Godsends- ReduxTango Fiesta

Nice ones - hyper sentinel is well worth the price and maybe more.
matwalaboy07/11/2019 21:11

Nice ones - hyper sentinel is well worth the price and maybe more.

Yeh defo is, I got it on the USA store for 9p or whatever the conversion was (posted on here) played it and got platinum which I didnt think I would do.
Would happily of paid more, enjoyable game with only one awkward trophy to earn
Any of these easy enough for trophies?
Dhiraj107/11/2019 22:39

Any of these easy enough for trophies?

Hyper Sentinel was relatively easy...
Just had a bash on Tango Fiesta, its a good game but apparently has glitched trophies and are unattainable...
I'll try the others soon
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