Wurlitzer One-More-Time CD Jukebox - Bargain price £7599.99 @ Argos

Wurlitzer One-More-Time CD Jukebox - Bargain price £7599.99 @ Argos

£7,599.99Argos Deals
Found 16th May 2010
A snip! I've ordered 2.

Unfortunately as it's an On-line Exclusive you do have to pay delivery, but on this price you should do well out of Quidco!!

Here's the info on this amazing deal.....

Faithfully following the design of the legendary Wurlitzer 1015 of 1946, but incorporating all the latest CD player technology, the One-More-Time jukebox is an exceptional way to listen to music.
The rotating lights, with their constantly changing colours and the endless rising bubbles, offer a fascinating spectacle that compliments the superb laser sound quality.
Finished in mahogany effect, a fabulous piece of furniture to cherish for a lifetime.
Holds up to 100 CDs and includes coin mechanism and infrared remote control with selection buttons.
Stereo amplifier with automatic level control and electronic overload protection, power 2x55 watts RMS.
6 speakers in a 3-way stereo system offer superb laser sound, 4-digit LED display.
Microprocessor controlling all functions including credit and bonus steps as well as automatic memory of the top tunes.
Play stimulator playing a track in intervals between 1 and 98 minutes automatically.
Background music by programming the control unit to continuous play with random selection of all songs.
Facility to cancel single tracks plus album play programmable.
Memory of statistical data (e.g cashbox contents etc).
Programming of two background music intervals for each weekday.
Presentation of all title songs and cover photos in a leather bound book.
Motor driven paging system for 60 CD title cards plus 2 info cards for further 40 CDs (album play).
Power supply: 100-240 volts 50/60 cps.
Weight 157kg.
Size (H)152, (W)81.5, (D)64cm.

Grab yourself a bargain because I should think these will sell out quick - no home is complete without one after all...........
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£7600 for a duke box at home... no thanks.
Bargain :oops:
No home is complete without one eh
my home will never be complete.

Bargain :oops:No home is complete without one eh

GEEZ you guys are fun on a Sunday morning eh! :roll:

And like I can afford the deposit on one, let alone order 2.

Come on SMILE, its lazy Sunday :-D
Voted hot!
I have a friend who has one, and I've got to admit that they're pretty cool, esp when he has parties. I'd never thought how much they cost, they're way more expensive than I'd have imagined, can't say that I think they're worth the price of a small car.
this is similar in almost every way but bit cheaper if you realluy want one,i do !!

thx ordered 4;)
Crazy price! I bought an ex-display special edition version of this for less than a third of the price Argos want.

this is similar in almost every way but bit cheaper if you realluy want … this is similar in almost every way but bit cheaper if you realluy want one,i do !!http://www.jukebox.uk.com/jukebox3.html

Yes, we do really want one, having been looking for one of these for ages, much better price, thanks :thumbsup:
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