WWE 2K18 PS4 pre-owned £13.35 @ MusicMagpie

WWE 2K18 PS4 pre-owned £13.35 @ MusicMagpie

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Found 15th May
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Heat but done with 2k
I just ordered 16 for a fiva the other day, not a big enough wrestling fam to get the newest ones but felt the need to get one for some reason
Royal Rumbles need unlimited wrestlers in the ring and not limited to eight, also when eliminating the wrestlers over the top rope, that needs a revamp.
Went o2 last night to see RAW best atmosphere ever
The frame rate is sickening when theres 6 to 8 ppl on the screen. I only played it a couple of times but yh, it's cack.

/heat anyway
Edited by: "otta" 15th May
They advertise a 100+ wrestler roster, but at least half are locked out and need a ridiculous amount of grinding to earn coins to unlock. It's a fine enough game, but it's such shady practice from 2K to put the main selling point of the game behind a paywall and make the free method of unlocking them incredibly tedious and time consuming.
Paywalls aside, it's one of the strongest rosters in the game's history. But yes, the virtual currency you receive after each match is laughable. I estimate it would take about five years to unlock everything
wish they'd remake smackdown 2 (ps1)
prefer the arcade style
basically 2k17 but better graphics.
allaboutthetwizzler15th May

wish they'd remake smackdown 2 (ps1)prefer the arcade style

Nah, all about HERE COMES THE PAIN.
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