WWE All Stars Trade-in Deal - £25 @ HMV (Instore)

WWE All Stars Trade-in Deal - £25 @ HMV (Instore)

Found 21st Sep 2011
I went into HMV today to trade WWE All Stars in as I didn't really like the game. On the HMV Re/Play App, it was showing as £15 trade-in.

However, when I went into the store to trade GT5 and WWE, the total came unto £32! I was stunned!! £7 for GT is quite rubbish, but I was so amazed about the £25 WWE, I didn't even bother asking for a price match with CeX.

This is a godsend for people who bought it from Play the other day for £11.99.

Hope my first post was ok
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which format??

which format??

given they traded in GT5 I'd take a stab in the dark at PS3
have to ask, could be one of the many to own BOTH consoles. You never know:p
Do you have any idea why? was it million dollar version or standard? and did it scan at £25 or manual added
PS3 version, but could be both consoles

@davidian84 - No idea at all, it was the standard version, NOT the million dollar pack version. She scanned it and said £32 to go onto gift card. I was amazed.
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