WWE Elimination Chamber @ Smyths £39.99 + its HUGE

WWE Elimination Chamber @ Smyths £39.99 + its HUGE

Found 19th Nov 2012
A huge 55cm playset themed around one of the most epic WWE mathces - The Elimination Chamber. Features 4 different chambers, a removable cage and Superstar ring. Figures not included.

Was £59.99 then reduced to £49.99 now £39.99 Plus its cheaper than ebay great size as well not like the smaller wwe toys

Code "600246" gives you £5 off a £25 spend
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Great for hamsters, they love to have chamber matches!

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lol never thought of it for hamsters but hey im starting to imagine little ray mysterio hamsters running about ha

Waste of money as far as playing with it goes as it just falls to pieces and you have to take part of it down to get your hands into the ring as well.

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Fair enough but if its on your wee ones Xmas list there is no where cheaper

It's a good price as not many places sell this now and last time I checked it was £60 plus on amazon, but the reviews say its hard to actually get your hands inside to have matches etc, so don't know wether to bother getting my son this.

Is this cheap

Code "600246" gives you £5 off a £25 spend
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