WWE - McMahon dvd 2 discks at woolys 9 pound

WWE - McMahon dvd 2 discks at woolys 9 pound

Found 30th Mar 2008
o some, he is the sports entertainment innovator and visionary corporate leader of a multimillion dollar company. To others he is evil personified- the manipulative sadistic boss of a corral of WWE Superstars who takes great personal pleasure in making others suffer.

This 2 disc set is a complete look at the blurred reality between Vince McMahon, Chairman of WWE, and Mr. McMahon, TV's "boss from hell", including candid comments from WWE Superstars and other members of the McMahon family. All of his most infamous moments are included, as well as his greatest matches and rivalries.

Plus 4 hours of extras, including 9 complete matches.

VS. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Raw 13/04/98)

VS Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steel Cage Match - St. Valentine's Day Massacre 14/02/99)

VS. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Handicap Ladder Match (w/ Shane McMahon) King of the Ring 27/06/99)

VS. Triple H (No Holds-Barred Match - Armageddon 12/12/99).

VS. Shane McMahon (Street Fight - WrestleMania X-7 01/04/01).

VS. Ric Flair (Street Fight - Royal Rumble 20/01/02)

VS. Hulk Hogan (Street Fight - WrestleMania XIX 30/03/03).

VS. Stephanie McMahon ("I Quit" Match - No Mercy 19/10/03).

VS. Undertaker (Buried Alive Match - Survivor Series 16/11/03).

Release Date

25 September 2006

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