WWE Money in the bank ring £14.99 @ Toys R Us

WWE Money in the bank ring £14.99 @ Toys R Us

Found 19th Dec 2011
This is instore as well as online it's the cheapest price for this ring at the moment. The rrp is 40 quid, entertainer has it for 19.99 but out of stock online, it might not be everyones thing as different kids are into different things but my boy is into wrestling big time at the moment so suits me and hope it helps a few of u lovely peeps.
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any wwe rings under £20 is a bargain
they have a £9.99 ring in home bargains inshore but thats already been poste on here I picked that on up as well its the flexiforce one, but for the extra fiver I think this one is better.
Better than the flexiforce which is just a ring with a seperate launcher. This Money In Bank is also in B&M, I think at same price of £15 (maybe someone could confirm the price)
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