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It's ending very quick!  Next 40 mins, AShampoo Multimedia Bundle - £7.01 @ Ashampoo
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
It's ending very quick! Next 40 mins, AShampoo Multimedia Bundle - £7.01 @ Ashampoo
Three Top Tools for the price of one Learn more:
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I've just purchased just above the mentioned price through PayPal


just purchased and still live after 22:00hrs


All the trappings of self promo ?


Superdrug good deals


I echo this :) Welcome to HUKD.

SOFTWARE DEALS Shampoo upto 91% off @ Ashampoo
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
SOFTWARE DEALS Shampoo upto 91% off @ Ashampoo
[edit] Just to make clear, although the Office Package is in the image the are loads of different types of software applications on offer in the link. Some decent image editing and… Read more
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You could try being cheeky and going a bit lower on


Get some of them free from techradar


Agreed. Software is a SHAMbles and makes you system run like POO in my experience.


They always came on the cover disc of pc mags years ago. Did more harm than good most of the time but may have improved now.


The image was auto generated, the are lots of products on the link not just the office and yes I agree the are Free Office options available. heres a better idea

Ashampoo giveaways
Found 26th Sep 2017Found 26th Sep 2017
Ashampoo giveaways
Select your personal gift from these Ashampoo® full versions now: Ashampoo® Burning Studio 2017 Burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs fast and safely Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 2… Read more
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128gb blu-ray discs


Ashampoo's permanently free software is listed here: Anything with a year in the name is always free and has never been for sale.


Oh, I see, it's a kind of hipster, chav lust/yearn for nostalgia in a kind of tongue-in-cheek, Vinyl retro 8bit polaroid charity shop kind of smoosh? Right.


Goooood question?. I've noticed the same thing also!. This expire/not expire wotnots can be a thickness mistress upon HUKD animal at time's like ... lol.


Great find, thanks. I'm downloading final one now so no idea why it's been expired...

FREE Ashampoo Snap 10 Business Edition (for PC)
Found 10th Sep 2017Found 10th Sep 2017
FREE Ashampoo Snap 10 Business Edition (for PC)
"Ashampoo® Snap Business turns capturing screenshots and videos into a smoother experience than ever before. Less complexity, a smarter workflow, more creative freedom and enhanced… Read more
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Rubbish, I installed it on one computer, activated it once, used it a few times and today got this out of nowhere. Now it's not working at all!


all gone, as said above. "Don't worry... we will never pass on your email address to third parties" XD


All gone




Nice, I've you ashampoo in the past and thought it was great

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2016 - Free Full Software
Found 18th Jan 2016Found 18th Jan 2016
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2016 - Free Full Software
Ashampoo are now giving away their Burning Studio 2016 for free. It is the full version of the software. You need to register for an account to get your Free FULL SOFTWARE Product… Read more

Where is WinOptimizer 2016 free? I can't see that one their web page? Any suggestions where I should look? Thanks


A good product.

Have a problem with the 2016 version when trying to burn music. The prog finds all the folders but doesn't list any actual music - just the folders where the music is located. In short - it wont burn any music.


I've been using the Ashampoo Burning Studio for years now , have a few different versions starting off the ABS 2009. Great software and have never had any problems with it .I used Nero for years prior to this .Very good for ripping music CD'd ( am I allowed to say that ?]. Never had any junk mail from the company after registering either .


yeah, been using the 2014 version for a while for the occasional burn. no issues.. but i dont use burning programs like i did 10-15 years ago..... cant really remember the last time i needed to burn something to a CD/DVD really... nabbed this to replace the one from 2014 that was free, but i have to admit i did get a LOT of spam e-mail last time from Ashampoo which i didnt really apreciate... I accept that i'll get the odd one or two from companies, but they got quite annoying. heat to the OP. their newer version of WinOptimizer 2016 is also free so may aswell get that too people.

Ashampoo Software "Name the price"
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
Ashampoo Software "Name the price"
The "make an offer" deal is back again - may be worth looking over previous deals to see what sort of price things were offered at before. I might throw in the odd silly offer, to… Read more
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Brr, it's getting chilly here. And yes, there are about 3 different "levels" of Burning Studio, for instance. the always free. The somewhat regular giveaway of 2016 - ah, looks like it's now on open giveaway And the Full "16" - at last, comparison table here


​ That's crazy talk. Don't you come in here with your common-sense.


Or be happy with the version you have that does what you need it to do???


Buy this and immediately get "trolled" to buy Burning Studio 16 at a special price only to be followed by a special offer to buy burning studio 17 at a special pre release price! Don't get me wrong, Ashampoo produce easy to use wares it's just that they don't even offer free upgrades for a year so you would be better off buying premium wares at a higher price and getting the free upgrades


not looked but is this the same stuff they give away fro free fairly regularly?

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Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Xmas edition
Found 1st Dec 2015Found 1st Dec 2015
Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Xmas edition
Now if I recall Ashampoo offers correctly, you only get one per email, so I suggest using 10minutemail for a disposable
Ashampoo® AntiSpy for Windows 10 Version 1.0.0, 2015/09/07
Found 22nd Sep 2015Found 22nd Sep 2015
Ashampoo® AntiSpy for Windows 10 Version 1.0.0, 2015/09/07
Only a small program just 279kb. Download to computer and use no need for email addresses etc. May be of use to somebody. More system control Configure security settings Protect y… Read more

They are not difficult to use but it takes a lot of discipline.


I've heard of these 2 (though never once tried), i'm taking it that neither of them/these are for the faint hearted I take it ..... lol.


They send you offers every so often. Only the completely paranoid will have such an adverse reaction.


If you give these guys your email address, they will spam you forever. Be warned !


​Ok cool will have a check for myself and see , Thanks :)

five Ashampoo full versions – absolutely free, instant and guaranteed without obligations!
Found 11th Sep 2015Found 11th Sep 2015
five Ashampoo full versions – absolutely free, instant and guaranteed without obligations!
Select your desired software programs from these five Ashampoo full versions – absolutely free, instant and guaranteed without obligations! Here’s how it works: Enter your download… Read more
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Direct Links: Checked them using a separate browser to make sure they are not cookie based links, and they still seem to work fine.


Per year maybe.


You can download ALL FIVE for free using the code 'GIFT' at OfaB


they still work on windows 10


None are Windows 10 so presumably they are retiring them for a new version soon to be released

Franzis HDR projects 3 elements £14.20 @ Ashampoo
Found 1st Sep 2015Found 1st Sep 2015
Franzis HDR projects 3 elements £14.20 @ Ashampoo
HDR projects 3 elements is a completely new product that provides an entry into the fascinating world of HDR photography for advanced photo enthusiasts. 9 HDR settings and tone map… Read more

Franzis Verlag GmbH - it's a German company and the software HDR projects 3 elements has quite good reviews 4.7/5


I don't know, sorry. or


Wait, is there a point in getting this if you have lightroom 5?


Hm never even heard of this before, cheers op :)

Ashampoo (NOT a sham poo) - Upto 91% off - 15+items photo, video, productivity, security, tune up - LATEST versions
Found 22nd May 2015Found 22nd May 2015
Ashampoo (NOT a sham poo) - Upto 91% off - 15+items photo, video, productivity, security, tune up - LATEST versions
Loads of software -worth a sift - I use Snap which is great and Optimiser which is okay - but there's 20+ other stuff too... Advanced Driver Updater Scan your PC for outdated driv… Read more
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Who is he? What did he say?


And why would that be? So you agree with Moshe Ya'alon's comment then?


All the programs. Freeware alternatives that are better for all bases covered.


The product? The gift card? Or a typo for a drug addiction?


Their free CD/DVD Burner v6 was good then it all got rather bloated from there on and for the love of cheese DON'T use your favourite email to sign up with!

AShampoo Snap 7 - from the authors - Free
Found 6th May 2015Found 6th May 2015
AShampoo Snap 7 - from the authors - Free
Screen capture software - clever pull down from the top of the screen plus does the scrolling windows too... I think it could be cheaper like throwing in a 55 inch LED screen TV bu… Read more
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Ahaaa! :-)


Yes - but that's also where Snap 7 was hiding...


Isn't that link for a different program though? Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 (PC)

Winshampoo optimizer 11 - totally free
Found 6th May 2015Found 6th May 2015
Winshampoo optimizer 11 - totally free
Tried it, works fine - Free is a great price
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This is still working, I just downloaded - needs to be unexpired.


Superfetch doesn't really have a use because of the speed of an SSD, so it probably makes little difference either way. I always disable Windows search on every PC I come into contact with, it's known to be a bit of a disk hog making lots of write to keep the databases up to date..


Question - It disables search and superfetch as I have a modern SSD - Is this sensible?


Btw, winoptimizer 11 is more recent than 2015...

5 Ashampoo Softwares for Windows
Found 29th Mar 2015Found 29th Mar 2015
5 Ashampoo Softwares for Windows
Choose your desired software programs from five full versions – absolutely free, instant and guaranteed without obligations! Select your personal gift now: Ashampoo Burning Studio … Read more

never heard of this company. I take it you guys recommend it.


Still working, got Photo Commander 11 and Snap 7 so far


Still working thanks


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2015 free is quality

Nice one,cheers.

Ashampoo ZIP FREE v1.0.1
Found 23rd Mar 2015Found 23rd Mar 2015
Ashampoo ZIP FREE v1.0.1
Lot of pro fetures missing. Didn't ask for email. I don't like it so removed. Hope it may help sombody. Scroll down the list 5 up from bottom.

Never had spam from Ashampoo. What am I doing wrong?


what fool is going to give them their everyday ( private ) email address ? not i. how about you ?. anyway i have an email address for likely spammers so they can spam away to their hearts content. no skin off of my nose. Ashampoo will spam you that is true but unlike others they will ( respect ) your decision if you choose to unsubscribe. i have never had a problem with this company unlike Amazon DE who will spam the crap out of you that's for sure and others who pretend that you didn't uncheck the box to receive newsletters and catalogs through your door. This company isn't as bad as you say it is and i don't work for them of have any interest in them other than getting freebies. kind regards


7zip or peazip are free, and miles better!


I would be happy to get free sample of a shampoo instead.


Avoid! Prolific spammers...and their software isn't much cop either.

Ashampoo offer, pay £13 , select software up to £70 value
Found 19th Jan 2015Found 19th Jan 2015
Ashampoo offer, pay £13 , select software up to £70 value
Products in offer: Photo card 2 (12.99) Snap 7 (12.99) - but today/tomorrow it's 80% off on its own - £2.60 Advanced Driver updater (19.99) Home designer 2 (19.99) Music Studio 5 (… Read more

Winoptimizer is a good program but I suppose you can get Ccleaner for free.


That's true. I once made the mistake of getting some free software from them. The spam never stopped. I think it still crops in my spam folder from time to time.


the spam kings give these your email and get spammed to death


I brought the burner software a few years ago on special and was not really that impressed by it. Reputable company tho i believe


it is a good anti virus but can get free versions

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2
Found 7th Jan 2015Found 7th Jan 2015
Ashampoo Core Tuner 2
Product Description Optimal distribution of computing power – become your system’s operator Are you familiar with this? You would like to watch a movie and it is jerky. That is bec… Read more

I don't trust the software authors. They claim that the reason a film is jerky on you system is "because the computer is busy handling several tasks simultaneously and the processor power is not used in the best possible way." That is a reason that films can be jerky but there are also several other reasons including both software and hardware. When they make misleading claims that are easily identified why would you trust anything they say? Not voting either way as the poster took the time to post the deal.


Nice one op thanks for posting heat. :3

Ashampoo® Burning Studio 2015 (key worth $34.99)
Found 4th Jan 2015Found 4th Jan 2015
Ashampoo® Burning Studio 2015 (key worth $34.99)
Request your personal full version key to permanently and fully activate the software. Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 is everything you asked for. Discover the easy way to achieve pr… Read more
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Red Ray ... or is that just made up :)


Blu ray?


No problem activating/using key. If you use the Cnet link click direct download link and you wont have to use the cnet installer and risk accidently installing there bundled crap :)


I got this Free from I installed it and it list my cd burner drive had a right chew on doing system restore etc to get my drive back.


"This key is invalid" - Ashampoo up to their usual tricks, then

Five Ashampoo full versions FREE Xmas Gift
Found 2nd Dec 2014Found 2nd Dec 2014
Five Ashampoo full versions FREE Xmas Gift
On installing, be careful not to install the driver scanner and other unwanted software! GIVEAWAY: Ashampoo® Burning Studio 2014 Ashampoo® Music Studio 4 Ashampoo® Snap 6 Ashampoo… Read more
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As soon as you installed your software , your internet browser opens a page where you enter you email id to register yourself to receive your personal activation licence code, once you entered this your email will get an email : "Dear Ashampoo customer, Please confirm with a click on the link that you own this e-mail address and that we are allowed to send you the requested free license key for Ashampoo® Music Studio 4 now. ...." Click on the link and you will open a web page where it contains a registration code, enter this in in your "Activation Wizard" for your Ashampoo software to activate it. I have just done this, but do go to Ashampoo web site setting to stop those SPAM mail in "settings". You log on using the temporary password which they send to you when you supply your email name. The above telling you to uninstall a previous version or clean your registry is wrong.


Use free Revo Uninstaller instead of Windows Uninstaller and don't mess with registry on your own. Revo Uninstaller can find and remove all entries and folders.


awesome find, used their burning software before and liked it, though dont really need to use such programs now so much. heat added for this! will certainly try this and their win optimizer for free though! [edit] ****! the burning software wont run/install on Win 8.1!! WTF! [edit] seems it hasnt/wont download the burning software properley! typical as it is the one thing i was particulary wanting to use.. [edit] finally got it to download... was just being weird. probably to many people trying to downlaod causing issues worth installing now as you have to get them to send the code to activate these aswell, just incase anyone was thinking of installing at a later date.. weird.

Good find!


Heat added. Thanks X)

Ashampoo® Burning Studio 2015  100% Free
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
Ashampoo® Burning Studio 2015 100% Free
Burning Studio 2014 is updated to 2015 recently, which is a highly capable CD/DVD/Blu-ray direction quality and multiligual interface.

Nice! Been using Ashampoo products for years. Always accurate and highly reliable.


You can also apply for the key when you start to install the program, click the big "Get free activation key" button to open the get license webpage.


Thanks for the first reply. Have you ever used UnChecky? it is free program to avoid additional software while installing. See


Ta. I hadn't clicked on the deal link, just the link in his message


Read #3, @ROYCOM gives us a link of the program and the key is at GET DEAL as usual.