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Free Mercedes Me adapter and app for Mercs from 2002
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
If you have an older Mercedes-Benz without connected functionality that was built after 2002, you can still enjoy the experience of connected features through the Mercedes me Adapt… Read more

I’ve had it fitted for a few days now and it does work. Yes it is just a Bluetooth ODB2 adapter. I’ve seen zero items that cost money to use, perhaps my car has only the minimal support. I can see: How long parked and location/directions to assist return to car (if you need that help!) Parking time reminders Fuel level Odometer Selected retailer info (you can change this) Time and mileage to next service (I used an independent last time and it still has the info) Battery voltage (not useful) Functions: Find a local parking space (not live space info obviously so no better tha Google) Refuelling stats Record of trips (trips can be disabled and deleted individually) Accident alert (that may cost I’m not going to try it!) Make a service booking (gimmick) You can disable individual functions in the app if concerned about privacy. The big issue I have is that the Android app uses power even when the car is not used. 3% today and I’ve not been to the car. When used 4 times yesterday for a total of 30 miles it used a horrific 10% of the battery so I may be halting background use, losing almost all functionality and requiring running the app to get any info for later. Others are rporting high battery usage so perhaps they will rectify. If you get it, you can try it and just uninstall if you find it useless or too much of a privacy concern


I have a 2014 C-Class. I've played around with the Mercedes apps and services since I got it and can confidently say they are utter, and complete, rubbish from start to finish. Mercedes need to revamp their online offerings because, at the moment, there is absolutely nothing to recommend them. They're slow, buggy, inconsistent and limited. 'Free' is still too expensive.


Get this fitted and you'll have the service department calling you up every time you have a blown sidelight bulb or similar. The dealers make very little margin on selling cars or parts in the first place but they make a huge amount of profit on anything they can put through the service department. This device is designed to bring more work into the official service workshops, not to help the owner of the vehicle.


True, they make a half decent taxi though.


Exactly this. £5 for the adaptor, loads of free apps that will tell you all manner of metrics, OBD II problem codes, blah blah blah. Instant and average fuel consumption etc.

Mercedes-Benz Fleet & Business 48 Hour Test Drive.
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Mercedes are offering a 48 hour test drive on it's popular models. They will drop the car off and also pick it up. You need a valid business email address to register. The Test Dr… Read more

I put a request in for a GLC Coupe. Will see what happens.


They slap a high insurance excess on and will get hounded with sales calls after, but a good shout if looking to test a new merc (y)


No business email but appreciate the post HEAT (y)

Smart ForTwo Passion. 71bhp. £89 deposit and £89 a month. PCP for 36 months £3293 @ Smart mercedes benz Huddersfield
Found 15th Dec 2016Found 15th Dec 2016
Just picked up this from Smart Huddersfield. Smart fortwo Passion 71bhp. PCP 3 year term. £89 deposit £89 a month £10 finance charge 7000 miles Free tax Total cost for 36 … Read more
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Was this brand new or pre-registered? Can't see anything similar online, did you haggle for this or was it an offer advertised online? Cheers


I had an old Toyota that cost £300 that I used to go 4 miles to work and then back every day for the last 7/8 years, which has cost me next to nothing, but was getting to the point where that was changing. I also have a top spec Mini countryman that I lease, and my wife drives that. Drove past a little peugeot 207 convertible in white in a garage by me a few weeks ago. Couple of years old, looked nice and shiny and was under £10k, and I just bit :-) So I've got both types of deal. I just like the peace of mind the lease gives me against costs on what could be an expensive car.


I can see the merit of both choices having only bought new once, 20 years ago. and have been a S/H sub £2000 guy since then , but as I mentioned in another thread my last 4 MOTs have cost me £500+ each, so this kind of deal is getting more appealing the more I think about it....


​Kudos simply for a polite logical and reasoned comeback. I'm still a lease fan, but I do understand your reasoning. Horses for courses and each to his own, but I really am hoping you get the hassle free period you envisage. Best Wishes.


Well, i have been using 14k to 19k cars as local run arounds and going out cars at the weekend. I then decided to purchase a cheaper car for local run arounds/school runs..etc. First bought a mini 1.4diesel for £1000, sold it 5 months later for £1100 spent £0 on it. Then purchased a vw tdi for £2100, had that for 2 months now and no issues, had one before for 3 years and like i say never had a single issues. Hoping to keep it for a good 3 years this one, and it should sell for the price i paid for it in 3 years time so no loss there. These cars do not need expensive servicing like you suggest. They need a service every 2 years and the service parts are cheap for it. In fact, i service my own cars so the labour cost is zero once again. My friends vw tdi is on 269k miles, never had a issue. Mines 100k.

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Mercedes-Benz Free Winter Health Check inc a free soft lightweight Mercedes-Benz branded fleece blanket,  car wash and vacuum
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Wintry conditions can make driving a real challenge. To ensure your Mercedes-Benz is prepared for whatever the weather – and the roads – throw at it, we’d like to offer you a free … Read more

I got ripped off on this kind of deal. Took my 7 year old Audi in for a health check, the dealer said I should get a new car, so ended up costing me over £350pm.


You don't have to buy any of the recommendations though. I have two free health checks with BMW every year and it's never cost me anything in 10 years, plus you get a nicely cleaned car when you go back. :)


When I got the spring health check they didn't even bother with the hard sell. Was nothing wrong with my car so just went home with a free car wash and brand new wipers. I don't think they'll make things up to try and sell you stuff you don't need.


How can anybody mark this hot, when it's fairly obvious it's all just a scam to get you to take your Mercedes into the dealership so they can then find all manner of things which need fixing, as they say there's no free lunch.


Free unlimited hot drinks and snacks - Merc and JLR!!
LocalLocalFound 22nd Oct 2016Found 22nd Oct 2016
Mercedes and Land Rover offer free drinks and snacks (cake, crisps, chocolate, pork pies, sausage rolls, popcorn) at their showrooms.. The coffee is freshly ground and excellent … Read more
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​and I'll get my coat.... X)


I have sky TV and coffee at home plus I don't have to drive around looking for my nearest dealer. I'll get my coat :p




I have heard of people living near airports with a interconnecting train (LGW ,BHX) etc taking kids for a fun ride in the trains .


haven't voted either way but the comments are hilarious.

FREE mercedes summer health check with free aircon treatment & car clean
Found 31st May 2016Found 31st May 2016
When you book a Summer Health Check with us before 31 August, we will carry out a free air conditioning treatment* on your Mercedes-Benz, ensuring you're all set for the warmer sea… Read more
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It could possibly be a clean or change to the air/pollen filter for the air conditioning. I may be wrong but forgive me, I don't drive ;-)


No, it didn't include a recharge. As soon as I got the sales pitch for £35 worth of sale, I excused myself and saved some time.


I sent request never recoeved a call back


Doesn't sound right... Check here: Summer_Health_Check Were they offering you the full check with re-gas perhaps for £35? Link indicated the air conditioning treatment alone will be free.. I took the spring offer just a couple of weeks ago and had my wipers replaced free of charge.


I submitted a request via their website and got a call and offered if for £35. This is a big con.

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Mercedes Free Vehicle Spring Healthcheck, Free Wiperblade Replacement, and Free Wash & Vac
Found 28th Apr 2016Found 28th Apr 2016
i got a email from mercedes for the offer below, perfect as i needed to replace my wiperbaldes :-) Spring Healthcheck - Free Wiperblades - Free Wash & Vac - Free Spring Healt… Read more

i had booked my car into mercedes stratford, i arrived on the day and was informed that i would not be getting the wiper blades changed - as they needed to be the ones with the yellow dot, as i couldn't be asked with their rude receptionist, i let myself be easily fobbed off, and left to find my car wasn't even washed nor vacuumed. at this point i just shrugged it off, and worte the dealership off - as i have had previous dealing with them - mostly negative. on my way home, i called mercedes, who rebooked it into the loughton branch, this time i was offered tea/coffee/coke, told my wiper blades would be done and once all was complete, my car was sparkling clean, waiting for me right outside the entrance! lesson learnt: "avoid mercedes stratford folks" free tea/coffee/coke - tick free wash & vac - tick free wiperblades - tick free healthcheck - tick


I will draw a three pointed star on the front hood of my banged up kia and have it shining


My girlfriend took the car in today for the spring health check.... Quite disappointed if I'm honest they recommended 2 new rear tyres priced at £90 a corner needless to say we didn't get them. No wash & vac as they said it wasn't included No free wiper blades as they thought ours were fine and my girlfriend didn't want to protest too much but oh well what was I expecting?


Registered yesterday evening and got a call today from my chosen dealer to arrange an appointment


So, did anyone go? Would be great to hear of others' experience of getting the free wiper blade :P

Mercedes SLS amg gt final edition coupe for Clarkson £191000 @ Mercedes-Benz
Found 11th Mar 2015Found 11th Mar 2015
For Clarkson... Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Understand with farrari or Lamborghini but merc nah


Ahahahah basically summed up the website...


Cold. Not Frozen, or from B&M, or by Apple, JL won't pm it, No 5 yr warranty using my VIP account from Richer Sounds, cheaper on Amazon.De even using Google translate and curreny exchanger using a NatWest account incurring no foreign fees, not Aldi super 6 or Tesco store specific with zero quido or TCB. oO


heat because there are some old fashioned guys left that say what they think not sit on the fence like girls and get splinters up their ar**e. Go Clarkson id drink with you anytime lol



lucky enough to own a mercedes car - 1990 onwards?
Found 22nd Sep 2014Found 22nd Sep 2014
Mercedes-Benz is revolutionising road safety with Rescue Assist – an innovative new system that gives emergency services critical information at the scene of an accident. All new … Read more

Why is your phone not password/code locked? Most phones now (may be IOS doesn't since Apple are backwards) have a ... "if lost please contact....." (phone owner info) scrolling on the lock screen anyway


Really that should be in your phone anyway as if the car's a write off (a key reason for needing that info in the first place) the last thing a paramedic will want to do is sit at the scene of the collision until they obtain it from the car. I'm all for that information being stored in the car as a back up if your phones gone AWOL but I'd be concerned about security of that information and how likely it could be restored when the car gets sold on. I prefer to keep my I.C.E. information on my phone as the top contact so it's the first one to check without scrolling through.


Any safety info always welcomed. Come on the rest of the UK cars....Why not put in the ICE (InCase of Emergency) info too like a phone number and relationship (i.e. wife parents company etc)


and try to sell you a new one ..........................

Mercedes Air conditioning refresh -£29.99 inc. VAT @ Mercedes
Found 30th May 2014Found 30th May 2014
Air conditioning refresh -£29.99 inc. VAT I believe includes a gas top up if required. Key Benefits: Disinfects ventilation system Kills the mould and fungi that can affe… Read more

Good advice. Whilst you're at it, change the pollen filter/cabin filter.


Kwik fit charge more but includes a full regas with a guarantee that as many cars often end up with an AC pump fault due to lack of use - if the regas does not work then you dont pay!!! Paid £45 and ice cold - so peace of mind knowing AC works properly


The gas in checked and topped up too, will cost you 30 plus quid plus hassle to top up gas at home.


PS if you do a DIY job, make sure you select the recirculation option on your AC or you'll just vent it straight out :-)


This is not a regas, the system is cleansed by running a deodoriser through it. The smell initially is like the pink liquid you gargle with at the dentist. It's expensive but then you're paying a main dealer and you will get any levels topped up too. Some want the stamp on the service book. Not a bad deal but not exactly ground breaking either.

Mercedes-Benz SL 350 AMG Sport - 0% Interest + £3651 Dealer Contribution @ Mercedes-Benz
Found 27th Aug 2013Found 27th Aug 2013
Just come across this deal for the SL 350 AMG Sport. Interest Free Deal with Dealer Contribution of over £3500. A great deal for anyone in the market. Monthly: £699 Term: 36 De… Read more

I think you care a bit too much.


Taxable value on this for 2013-2014 is 25% of list = £17405 Annual tax = £3480 @20% or £6962 @ 40% Less than £300/600 per month Source = here but you may have to flll in the model details.


Yeah driving style is king, you can bet they accelerate at a very slow rate during those tests. I used to have a TVR Tuscan, 4.0ltr and that would do 35mpg if you didn't hoof it around, no weight though and you'll get 3-4mpg on track :o :o :o


No, just putting a presumptuous fool on the internet right. Correct me if I am wrong, but never once did I say I turned down 10k. 10k it was an example but if you had paid attention you would of realised this. Stop clutching at straws, my point is completely and utterly valid and the sensible option if you are smart with your money. I was and still am, my only vice is cars (and gold but im rubbish at that so I'll stick to driving) Also, I'm fairly sure I know what my job roles have been as and when they changed unless you somehow know different. Now, you can come back and make another snide comment just to make sure you get the last word in, pathetic.


Yeah of course, with my driving style I usualy take 50% the figures, so for me to get 25mpg on a 3ltr engine - YES ! thats brilliant. By the way, reading through the comments and I must say I agree 100% with most of your views. Not going to drudge it all up, but I have been in very similar positions as you.

Mercedes Value Service for cars over 7 years old from £119
Found 5th Sep 2012Found 5th Sep 2012
Hello, I got my E-class serviced for £149, considering this is usually £300+ its a good deal: As your Mercedes-Benz gets older, we understand the need to keep car servicing costs … Read more

Bought a 98 ML320 privately about 6 years ago (in 2006). It had done 60k miles and had just received a routine Merc service costing an eye-watering £1k. 13mpg (alledgedly 'normal' for this car according to the dealer). Already blistering with rust when I bought it (poorer than a 70's Fiat). Within weeks it developed a serious fault in so much as both front brakes gradually apply themselves at random. No clear diagnosis and given the price of parts has stood rotting on my driveway for 6 years. Posh Badge, utterly diabolical car. Wife's had a Toyota Rav for 17 years which despite random self-servicing has had ONE £20 failure in all that time. Shame on you Mercedes. Wouldn't touch another one with 10 barge poles tied together! Sorry to go off topic but had to get that one off my chest. Good price for 'dealer servicing' of utterly pants cars, so heated for that. I drive a Lexus now .... goodbye Mercedes.


Lexus have an 8 speed auto but the dsg box on my new golf is 7 speed it's the 1.4 tsi model very smooth indeed


wow you must be buying your oil from halfords


Your just suffering from mercedes driver self delusion, its easy to sucumb too as that silver star is very shiny! The facts don't support your case though. If you are going to drop 40k for example on a diesel exec here is how they stack up. Merc 350cdi (3litre v6) BHP 228 Torque 398 0-62 6.2 MPG 47.1 Co2 159 BMW 535d BHP 295 Torque 443 0-62 5.7 MPG 52.3 Co2 142 In summary, the merc is less powerful, has less torque, is slower, is less effiecent and produces more co2. The mercedes is technologcially inferior in just about every element of its design and the facts support this. This does not prevent you from loving the one you own and on the plus side they are very comfortable. With respect to your 7 speed auto box - its something merc should be able to do well since they almost entirely lack the imagination or engineering talent to produce sporty manual cars: unfortunatly for merc both Audi and BMW having been fitting a vastly superior 8 speed ZF transmission for sometime (, the same unit found in the Rolls Royce ghost and phantom. Again, Mercedes are well behind. This topic is all over the motoring press, MB have been asleep at the wheel for a decade and are now paying for it. Check out the Whatcar reviews if you dont belive me - most MB cars struggle to even make 4stars, the absolutely minimum for this class.


Alex Crow has a good reputation on the MB forums...think I'll be getting my service through him.

Mercedes A160 Blue Efficiency SE 5 Door Mercedes website brand new discount - £16,415.00
Found 25th Mar 2012Found 25th Mar 2012
Mercedes A160 Blue Efficiency SE 5 Door Mercedes website brand new discount dealer contribution of over £3,700 on list price of £16,415. Interest rate is 5% so seems cheap as well.… Read more

the new one actually looks good!



Should you really be spending £16k on a car then? Havn't voted because I have no idea if this is a good deal, but it seems like a lot of money to me.


What Car magazine target price is £14,137 so this doesn't look like a deal to me.


A-Class is a run-out model, deals to be had if anyone wants the outgoing car.

Free Entrance To The Easter Event @ Mercedes Benz
Found 7th Apr 2011Found 7th Apr 2011
It doesn’t take a genius to realise that chocolate plus Mercedes-Benz World equals a pretty fun Easter for kids of all ages! From 9th-25th April, Mercedes-Benz World is hosting a f… Read more

I have been there twice this year and it is always free to get in. Additional costs are the driving experiences and the flight museum.


Went last year, daughter managed to get autograph from Lewis Hamilton, she did some driving too at the under 16 driving school and we all did the off roading, was a good day out but yes was quite expensive. Quite a unique family day out though


i went last year and it wasnt very good either! the Renault one was much better.


I got this email yesterday & was going to post it UNTIL I read it. It's very misleading & much of it is not free BUT in fact quite pricey.


This don't look to be free. Kids 4x4 Experience - £50 for 30 minutes.* Kids 4x4 Experience - £90 for 60 minutes.* For an additional £10 up to 2 passengers can join the 30 and 60 minute experience.* All prices listed for driving experiences include VAT at 20%

World of Mercedes-Benz Live September 25th - 26th at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands.
Found 6th Sep 2010Found 6th Sep 2010
More vehicles carry the three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star than you might imagine. From cars to trucks, vans to bikes, emergency vehicles to Eco vehicles and of course, some of the m… Read more

THe Powered By Merc one will be better than this. Last year it was in November. Lewis doing donuts 40 feet away was awesome. :D


My parent went last year and had a great time as well as my Dad getting himself in the video they had on the website


That was the Powered by Mercedes event November last year, not the same. Hopefully there will be another one this year, will post it if there is.


So are no tickets needed? Just show up on the day? Thanks OP.


You wont see them this time as there's a Grand Prix on that date. I cant see what's extra to any other weekend atm -there doesnt seem to be enough detail on the website yet for those dates . It's usually free every day of the week & the AMG's race around the track every weekend & in the school hols. There's normally a big screen on Grand Prix days.

CLC180K £2000dep, £280month PCP 36 months
Found 19th Aug 2010Found 19th Aug 2010
Mercedes are doing a brand new CLC180K (1.8 Kompressor) for £2000 deposit and £280/month on 10,000 miles/year PCP with an £11K balloon after 36 months. You'd be doing well to borr… Read more
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Now, I see where these people that make an affair when someone scratches their bumper come from. Well, bumper is to bump - as the name says. However, if you have this kind of arrangement a chip can spoil all the joy of using a car.


Complete and utter waste of money.


Thanks Jonnye! Got mine through merc corporate sales so will enquire about this. Might save me some pennies at the end of the lease :)


Here we go ok this is branded as BMW but it is the BVRLA guide if you look on page 12 it states dents up to 10mm in size are ok as long as there is no more than 2 per panel and the paint is not broken


if you search for the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association is the trade body for companies engaged in the leasing and rental of cars and commercial vehicles) this will give details of what damage is acceptable and whats not, most rental and leasing companies are members and agree to follow their guidelines. failing that if you contact your lease company they should provide a copy for you. If you are about to take a PCP or any form of lease ask the provider for a copy of the fair wear and tear guide it will be the BVRLA one their own version based on the guidelines.

Mercedes Benz AMG Driving Experience - £120 - Save £50
Found 6th May 2010Found 6th May 2010
@ Mercedes Benz World in Brooklands, Surrey. 1 hour. I went on one of these for my b'day last year and paid (or should i say my girlfriend paid) £170, but they have an offer on fo… Read more
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My sister has bought this for my birthday and im going down on the 22nd of this month for it... What cars did you have a choice of and was the instructor very protective of the car or did they let you loose :D


Yep, thats the one. For some reason my cp won't let me copy & paste for some reason(?) atm & I didn't fancy typing out that long ass web address!


Link didnt work for me I think the astra VXR trackdays are a bit better value at £95 for a range of VXR vehicles driven on the track, but then there's no accounting for taste is there (and mine is cheap - vauxhalls). Also the astra vxr trackdays are all sold out now apart from Knockhill up in Scotland.... ages away.

MOT £35 @ Mercedes Benz agent
Found 1st Jan 2009Found 1st Jan 2009
called Mercedes of Bristol about MOT and said it was £35, but the service was £199/£299 I think the MOT is good deal if on its own.

Totally correct Sam1970, and yes Royals I did read your post, you seemed to have contradicted yourself, you also failed to answer my question.............never seem to be the sort of person who's never wrong anyway......Happy new year and chill-out a little. No I don't work for mercedes..........just trying to rationalise your statement.


I am sorry to disagree with you. i drive a mb and agree that their service prices are very inflated but I dont think it is their responsibility to remind you of your MOT would not expect them to remind of your road tax renewal date..would you?


My experience with this scenario, dating back many years with BMW, was that the "official" brand garage mechanics were ordered to find enough work from each & every BMW to warrant their time & earn money from the cars booked in, luckily my mate & his team (or the majority) used to stick their heels in as much as possible in order to defy this... The BMW garage near to me (that was) recently gave up it's BMW dealership after it was told it would need a ONE MILLION pound makeover in order to keep the BMW marque on it's forecourts.. they told BMW to go to hell,.. so imagine a portion of this on your MOT every time you go the official route. Incidentally my colloqial village garage is utilised by various garages of higher "marques" to sort out the problems their own mechs couldn't suss. it's an AGRICULTERAL based garage (ie tractors combines etc) ...I ve met their mechanics at the premo brand garages picking up vehicles to sort out ... make of that what you will. Needless to say I go to my local garage with our Mercedes as they offer good service which ultimately makes them trustworthy & reliable as they only do work needed & advise accordingly..


yeh less likely to be ripped off


eh why not, mb are in the SERVICE industry are they not? you must work for mb did you not read my post...clearly point is it is the drivers responsibility (which i stated), however the mb dealer in question should bear some responsibility given the fact that its been serviced there from day 1! Thats poor service - peugeot provide this service, they send reminders a month, and week before

Free event - Powered by Mercedes Benz
Found 5th Oct 2009Found 5th Oct 2009
FREE EVENT! Motorsport fans can start the long winter off-season with a free day of high-octane action, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey. Powered by Mercedes-B… Read more

Thanks OP - what a fab day out (but I'm still frozen - next time I'm wearing thermals!) :thumbsup:


That goes from us too....a teriffic day out. Thank You


THANK YOU. we had a great day, hope everybody else did!!:thumbsup:


only just saw this! too late for me ARRGHHH!!!!


Does anyone know what the food/drink prices are like at Mercedes-Benz World? We're looking forward to going tomorrow, but just wondering how much cash to take? Cheers