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World of Mercedes-Benz Live September 25th - 26th at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands.
Posted 6th Sep 2010Posted 6th Sep 2010
World of Mercedes-Benz Live September 25th - 26th at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands.
More vehicles carry the three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star than you might imagine. From cars to trucks, vans to bikes, emergency vehicles to Eco vehicles and of course, some of the m… Read more

THe Powered By Merc one will be better than this. Last year it was in November. Lewis doing donuts 40 feet away was awesome. :D


My parent went last year and had a great time as well as my Dad getting himself in the video they had on the website


That was the Powered by Mercedes event November last year, not the same. Hopefully there will be another one this year, will post it if there is.


So are no tickets needed? Just show up on the day? Thanks OP.


You wont see them this time as there's a Grand Prix on that date. I cant see what's extra to any other weekend atm -there doesnt seem to be enough detail on the website yet for those dates . It's usually free every day of the week & the AMG's race around the track every weekend & in the school hols. There's normally a big screen on Grand Prix days.

CLC180K £2000dep, £280month PCP 36 months
Posted 19th Aug 2010Posted 19th Aug 2010
CLC180K £2000dep, £280month PCP 36 months
Mercedes are doing a brand new CLC180K (1.8 Kompressor) for £2000 deposit and £280/month on 10,000 miles/year PCP with an £11K balloon after 36 months. You'd be doing well to borr… Read more
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Now, I see where these people that make an affair when someone scratches their bumper come from. Well, bumper is to bump - as the name says. However, if you have this kind of arrangement a chip can spoil all the joy of using a car.


Complete and utter waste of money.


Thanks Jonnye! Got mine through merc corporate sales so will enquire about this. Might save me some pennies at the end of the lease :)


Here we go ok this is branded as BMW but it is the BVRLA guide if you look on page 12 it states dents up to 10mm in size are ok as long as there is no more than 2 per panel and the paint is not broken


if you search for the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association is the trade body for companies engaged in the leasing and rental of cars and commercial vehicles) this will give details of what damage is acceptable and whats not, most rental and leasing companies are members and agree to follow their guidelines. failing that if you contact your lease company they should provide a copy for you. If you are about to take a PCP or any form of lease ask the provider for a copy of the fair wear and tear guide it will be the BVRLA one their own version based on the guidelines.

Mercedes Benz AMG Driving Experience - £120 - Save £50
Posted 6th May 2010Posted 6th May 2010
@ Mercedes Benz World in Brooklands, Surrey. 1 hour. I went on one of these for my b'day last year and paid (or should i say my girlfriend paid) £170, but they have an offer on fo… Read more
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My sister has bought this for my birthday and im going down on the 22nd of this month for it... What cars did you have a choice of and was the instructor very protective of the car or did they let you loose :D


Yep, thats the one. For some reason my cp won't let me copy & paste for some reason(?) atm & I didn't fancy typing out that long ass web address!


Link didnt work for me I think the astra VXR trackdays are a bit better value at £95 for a range of VXR vehicles driven on the track, but then there's no accounting for taste is there (and mine is cheap - vauxhalls). Also the astra vxr trackdays are all sold out now apart from Knockhill up in Scotland.... ages away.

MOT £35 @ Mercedes Benz agent
Posted 1st Jan 2010Posted 1st Jan 2010
MOT £35 @ Mercedes Benz agent
called Mercedes of Bristol about MOT and said it was £35, but the service was £199/£299 I think the MOT is good deal if on its own.

Totally correct Sam1970, and yes Royals I did read your post, you seemed to have contradicted yourself, you also failed to answer my question.............never seem to be the sort of person who's never wrong anyway......Happy new year and chill-out a little. No I don't work for mercedes..........just trying to rationalise your statement.


I am sorry to disagree with you. i drive a mb and agree that their service prices are very inflated but I dont think it is their responsibility to remind you of your MOT would not expect them to remind of your road tax renewal date..would you?


My experience with this scenario, dating back many years with BMW, was that the "official" brand garage mechanics were ordered to find enough work from each & every BMW to warrant their time & earn money from the cars booked in, luckily my mate & his team (or the majority) used to stick their heels in as much as possible in order to defy this... The BMW garage near to me (that was) recently gave up it's BMW dealership after it was told it would need a ONE MILLION pound makeover in order to keep the BMW marque on it's forecourts.. they told BMW to go to hell,.. so imagine a portion of this on your MOT every time you go the official route. Incidentally my colloqial village garage is utilised by various garages of higher "marques" to sort out the problems their own mechs couldn't suss. it's an AGRICULTERAL based garage (ie tractors combines etc) ...I ve met their mechanics at the premo brand garages picking up vehicles to sort out ... make of that what you will. Needless to say I go to my local garage with our Mercedes as they offer good service which ultimately makes them trustworthy & reliable as they only do work needed & advise accordingly..


yeh less likely to be ripped off


eh why not, mb are in the SERVICE industry are they not? you must work for mb did you not read my post...clearly point is it is the drivers responsibility (which i stated), however the mb dealer in question should bear some responsibility given the fact that its been serviced there from day 1! Thats poor service - peugeot provide this service, they send reminders a month, and week before

Free event - Powered by Mercedes Benz
Posted 5th Oct 2009Posted 5th Oct 2009
Free event - Powered by Mercedes Benz
FREE EVENT! Motorsport fans can start the long winter off-season with a free day of high-octane action, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey. Powered by Mercedes-B… Read more

Thanks OP - what a fab day out (but I'm still frozen - next time I'm wearing thermals!) :thumbsup:


That goes from us too....a teriffic day out. Thank You


THANK YOU. we had a great day, hope everybody else did!!:thumbsup:


only just saw this! too late for me ARRGHHH!!!!


Does anyone know what the food/drink prices are like at Mercedes-Benz World? We're looking forward to going tomorrow, but just wondering how much cash to take? Cheers

Free Days Out with Mercedes Benz -  Monaco Grand Prix on big screens  - Half-term events schedule  23rd-31st May
Posted 23rd May 2009Posted 23rd May 2009
Free Days Out with Mercedes Benz - Monaco Grand Prix on big screens - Half-term events schedule 23rd-31st May
Free Days Out with Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz World is just a few minutes from Junction 10 of the M25. Half-term events schedule 23rd-31st May Name of Event When is it? Grand … Read more

Only live 5 mins from here. Went to the easter weekend thing, was pretty good, cheers



where is this being held. Not in monaco?


thanks edi :-D


done - had the wrong date holly :)

Mercedes Benz World - Vodafone McLaren Official Cap - £5 - Sale (New)
Posted 19th Apr 2009Posted 19th Apr 2009
Mercedes Benz World - Vodafone McLaren Official Cap - £5 - Sale (New)
As above, Just visited Mercedes Benz World in Surrey and they had a couple of things on sale. This above which is the Official Lewis Hamilton Vodafone McLaren Cap which is £5 on Sa… Read more

Lewis who??


McLaren,Lewis Hamilton? Dont you know the entire british public has forgotten about them since another brit is winning


Poundland for £1 - but didnt buy one at that! lol


will get cheaper if he leaves mclaren lol


It's a long sale, was this price when I visited MBW two months ago! Still, a good price all the same and a fun (and free) day out with the kids to boot. :thumbsup:

E-class and other models on offer - free upgrade and Retailer Deposit Contribution
Posted 4th Feb 2009Posted 4th Feb 2009
E-class and other models on offer - free upgrade and Retailer Deposit Contribution
E-class offer example: Retailer Deposit Contribution of £1,117 Customers ordering the E-Class Saloon this season will receive a complimentary model upgrade. This means you can g… Read more

all cars lose a big chunk once driven u buy a limited edition supercar like the buggati veyron


They don't fall by 45% as you walk out the shoroom - its when you drive them out the price plummets:p


all luxury cars are losing 45% as soon as you walk out showroom


Where on the broadspeed site are you seeing a C220CDI for 19k??


Where can I find the best deal for something like an e-class, 5-series or Jag xf? I'm after one of these instead of opting for the company car scheme. Tx