Wyelands bank earn 2% 2yr bond

Wyelands bank earn 2% 2yr bond

Found 11th Sep 2017
Better than normal rates. 1.83% 1yr bond
2.00% 2yr bond
Government protected.
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Atom does 1.9% and 2.1% currently on the 1 and 2 year options. Also government protected.
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Probably OK if you have exhausted all the linked deals with current accounts
Nationwide Flex Regular Saver - 5% - up to £500 a month
TSB Monthly Saver - 2% -up to £250 a month

etc ,etc

Although IMO interest rates are unlikely to go up in the next year ,2 years is a long time in finance , what are the withdrawal penalties if you want / need to get hold of or move your savings before the 2 years are up ? I don't know as I haven't checked .
Terrible returns. Look into various p2p options if interest is required - 5-6% is easily achievable without much work.

How can 2% annual interest on money that you can't access in any way be considered a deal? It's a negative real interest rate!
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