X-Box 360 Elite Console & 2 games & Wireless Controler £319.99 @ HMV

X-Box 360 Elite Console & 2 games & Wireless Controler £319.99 @ HMV

Found 2nd Oct 2007
First Deal, Go easy.
Thought this was a pretty good deal myself and have reseverd one in Belfast.

Xbox Elite conosle
Foraza 2
Extra Wireless controller
Plus a choice off Fifa 08/Medal of Honour

£219.99 instore

Isn't advertised , you need to ask. Have checked both liverpool and Belfast stores who have this so probably nationwide.

Should state £319 ooops
- Your_da


Jesus had me going there for a min!!!

wow....I am tempted to trade in my old premium (£140) and get this!!!!!!!!

Was the extra controller black?...if so i may have to pop down the town centre in a bit!

Is this for real !! seems to good to be true !
Another deal was posted on here a few days ago of a premium xbox 360 on its own for £199 quid and that was a hot deal so this is ****ing scorching if true.


makes sense!


Original Poster


aahhh....£319!!!!!makes sense!:whistling:

God you people are way too quick , realised my mistake and changed it as quickly as possible but 4 people managed to reply, nuts!!
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