X BOX 360 Premium console £195 @ Asda instore only
X BOX 360 Premium console £195 @ Asda instore only

X BOX 360 Premium console £195 @ Asda instore only

Buy forBuy forBuy for£195
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Ad in todays paper, Also x box 360 arcade £155

Might be useful,as not to sure what the going prices are for these. cheaper here on thread below

States selected stores only,subject to availibilty.


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Arcade Console - £139.99
Pro Console - £179.99

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Arcade Console - £139.99
Pro Console - £179.99[/quote
Thanks for letting me know prices are better else were....rep left for you :thumbsup:
As i said, i was'nt too sure this was cheap...better with shop to offer :thumbsup:

At least if you go instore then you can see if you're getting a falcon. Also, if it goes wrong, you can return it to store - easier than sending back to shopto.

How can you tell its a Falcon, by the serial No.?

the voltage on the back of the box, it should be something like 175 i think

They cannot sell it as a pro or an arcade if it doesn't have a Falcon chipset. Core and Premium are the old ones.

If you buy an Arcade or Pro and its not got Falcon its a Core or Premium NOT Arcade or Pro.

It is actually as simple as that, well should be, though while thinking about it Im sure its probably been twisted since the new chipset has been out.

Yea, the wattage is about the only way to do it for sure I guess.

175w for a Falcon and 2xx for the old ones.

whats the difference with the falcon chipset and the old ones anyway??

lol this is confusing!!

ok i want to buy an xbox 360, but im unsure which one to go for! can anybody please advise me which type of xbox 360 package to go for please?! as im unsure what the differences are etc etc

who has the best offer? they seemed to have dropped in price? is that rite?

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