x-box 360 wireless controller+ viva pinata+forza2 £14.97 @ Currys

x-box 360 wireless controller+ viva pinata+forza2 £14.97 @ Currys

Found 7th Feb 2009Made hot 8th Feb 2009
just popped into currys to see what deals they had on games and saw on the shelf marked clearence an xbox 360 entertainment pack with a wireless controller ,viva pinata + forza2 for £14.97 ( more than worth it for the controller on its own ) i dont know if its in every store i got it in the wimbledon branch , and in the colliers wood branch they was doing 50% off deals on selected console games and also had some cheap clearence games i bought jimmy whites cueball 2 for my pc for 97p

if voted cold please say why




sorry the photos are a bit blurry


Wouldnt mind getting one of these deals but these will go like wild fire

Good score! Don't suppose they had any others in Wimbledon...?

Your pic...


Never consistent across the nation, but good deal if you can get it. Phone up your local to check stock and price.

Hmmmph. Checked my local. Came up at £79.99 on the till

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they had on the shelf behind it a wireless pack with just forza2 and controller for £19.97 ( how do you work that out? costs more with 1 game lol ) but there was 1 of them left on the shelf still worth it if you just want the controller it says on the pack 'not to be sold seperately ' thats why i took a photo or the shelf price

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branch 2255 wimbledon
currys ltd
67 plough lane
wimbledon, sw17 0bw ( either 0 or o)



Fecking 0844 No.s


020 89447019

Did you buy the last one at £15?

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yes but they had a diff one with just 1 game ( forza )for 19.97 and had 1 left of them

if voted cold please say why

Same as all Curry's/P.C World deals. You are unlikely to find any.

Thanks, any worthwhile 360 or wii games ???

none in Newport Road, Cardiff at that price, but if you can get it excellent price

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Same as all Curry's/P.C World deals. You are unlikely to find any.

ok so every pcworld deal's and currys deals should be voted cold then? i found a good deal and shared it with the hope others could benefit aswell ( which is the idea of this board ) i read somewhere on here about currys deals on games and went in a store the other day and couldnt really find anything good but i didnt vote cold and went in there today and found this i even took a photo as proof to prove it existed, all you have to do is pick up a phone and ask the store if they have any or if walking past one look in

thanks to everyone who apriciated this post

whats the sku code ?

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would it be 1x 0000939229 @ 14.97

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nice to see someone else found a deal in there hotukdeals.com/ite…a-/

Went in the one near work and didnt see anything of these. Nice deal though, if can be found.

Curry's deals seem to be on a store by store basis. None of the deals here have ever been on at my local store so don't go rushing out expecting to find a bargain. In fact the prices at my local Curry's have sucked since it opened 6 years ago. Never once have they had anything across the whole store that could ever be classed as a bargain.
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