X-Files Complete Seasons 1-10 HD £33.99 at Google play

X-Files Complete Seasons 1-10 HD £33.99 at Google play

£33.99£83.4959%Google Play Deals
Found 5th Jan
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson star in this thrilling series as FBI agents assigned bizarre, terrifying cases who uncover shocking truths about aliens and the U.S. government!

Great deal at all time low.
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Season 11 just started too
Great price. Got it already but fantastic value. Now if only they'd drop the James Bond Collection since my UV copy is now next to useless with everyone dropping UV from being supported.
Nufcno92 h, 0 m ago

Season 11 just started too

Thanks for the heads up. Been waiting for this
How does the picture quality compare to the Blu-Ray versions?
208 episodes currently

Episodes are usually 45-60min

That's something around 170hours to watch them all, damn
all on amazon prime, thats half a years worth of amazon prime
Being a sci-fi fan, I should have taken to this in the 90's, but it felt contrived, soapy at times, and like an adult Scooby Do.
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