X-files: Movie 2: I Want To Believe: [blu-ray] Bonus Digital Copy: Directors Cut £6.99 @HMV.COM
X-files: Movie 2: I Want To Believe: [blu-ray]  Bonus Digital Copy: Directors Cut   £6.99 @HMV.COM

X-files: Movie 2: I Want To Believe: [blu-ray] Bonus Digital Copy: Directors Cut £6.99 @HMV.COM

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For the devoted viewers of THE X-FILES, there can be few things more exciting than hearing the familiar notes of Mark Snow's theme song at the beginning of THE X-FILES - I WANT TO BELIEVE. This cinematic follow-up to the series picks up years after it ended, but the characters are still the same ones that audiences loved. Fans that followed the show religiously won't be surprised to learn that Mulder (David Duchovny) is currently living in hiding, still researching the paranormal while he grows a shaggy beard. Meanwhile, Scully (Gillian Anderson) is working as a doctor at a Catholic hospital. When an F.B.I. agent goes missing, the bureau calls on the pair to return to their old work. The paranormal element of their case is found in Father Joe (Billy Connolly), a former priest who is having psychic visions and leading the team from the F.B.I. to evidence to help them solve their case. Mulder and Scully return to their roles of believer and sceptic as they join in the search.
Just as in the show, I WANT TO BELIEVE is a genre-bender that combines science fiction, horror, and thriller. In fact, the film seems like a two-part episode of the show--and that's meant as a compliment. Though made six years after the series' finale (and 10 since the first cinematic incarnation), the show's central elements are intact, especially the interaction between Mulder and Scully. For those who weren't fans of the show, I WANT TO BELIEVE offers chills similar to THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and THE BONE COLLECTOR--but minus the gore. The show was always more about the unseen horrors, and the film works well as it follows its predecessor's lead.


good price but the film is woeful

Might be worth mentioning bluray in the title.

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Might be worth mentioning bluray in the title.

That's very odd, because I had. Thanks for letting me know, re-edited and hope it doesn't disappear again...

Good price on a dreadful, dreadful film. I'm a diehard X Files fan, but thought it was terrrible. Voted hot for value though.

Don't waste your time with this film.

It would have to mention free bar of gold in the title for me to go anywhere near such a dire film!

Save your money.

I'm one of the 12 people that enjoyed this film

As already mentioned, this film was TERRIBLE! The "twist" was so off, and just was not, in any way imaginable, an X files movie!

Huge X-Files fan since it first aired on TV, the early series is the best and this film is something you just have to avoid at all costs, save your money even Blu-Ray can't save this film.


I'm one of the 12 people that enjoyed this film

I liked this film aswell

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I'm a completist and the cheap blu swayed me

This film is not worth £1.99.

This film kicks dirt in the face of all X-Files fans. And then stamps on them a few times while they're down.

God knows what Duchovny and Anderson were thinking walking into this one.

For anyone with a Region A/Multiregion player - the first, and far superior, X-File movie is available on blu-ray for £10 delivered from Amazon US.

Got the DVD, but at this price, might grab this.
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