X-men 1 2 3 trilogy, Blu-ray, PRE-ORDER from HMV for £9.99 + FREE Delivery
X-men 1 2 3 trilogy, Blu-ray, PRE-ORDER from HMV for £9.99 + FREE Delivery

X-men 1 2 3 trilogy, Blu-ray, PRE-ORDER from HMV for £9.99 + FREE Delivery

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The X-men TRILOGY box set is available on Blu-ray (released on 20-4-2009). You can pre-order this at HMV for £9.99 (online) and free delivery.

X-men 'The last Stand' is selling on Amazon in Blu-ray for £15.98. Therefore, you can get ALL three movies for less than one movie alone. Obviously, this is pre-order so you will have to wait but I think this is a fantastic deal. Also, this is cheaper than the 'regular' DVD box set (selling for around £15)!

Info added by other members:

- Don't forget Quidco for extra discount.
- 8.99 with student discount
- HMV have a pre-order price guarentee so should honour this price (see website and forum)
- HMV only charge after shipping the order


Thanks OP. I ordered it (although I think it is a misprice)

Heat & rep anyway!

great price thanks...ordered


order - bet its a misprice but worth a try not out till april thou so ill prob forget all about it :thumbsup:

Thanks! Voted Hot!!

Ordered thanks, H&R:thumbsup:

placed an order, not got much hope.

I should also have a blu-ray playing device before April (hopefully)


Thanks OP. I ordered it (although I think it is a misprice)Heat & rep … Thanks OP. I ordered it (although I think it is a misprice)Heat & rep anyway!

Wicked price, voted hot.

I don't think this is a miss price, its a special offer, get in quick pre order.

Like the matrix Tril was (£15).

Got to be worth a shot. Many thanks OP, Heat & Rep.:thumbsup:

when will the money be taken out straight away or when sent?

When sent so pretty much open to a price change before then

Bargain - ordered! Thanks :thumbsup:

when sent on HMV I believe

Thanks. Ordered and heat added

ordered - many thanks

On sending


HMV do have this on their site, so hopefully it'll stay £9.99 :thumbsup:



when sent :thumbsup:

thanks guys ordered bet its meant to be standard DVD not BD worth a go tho:thumbsup:

ordered via phone and they said 'I think its an offer'?

Well you heard it here........ when you speak to an elderly call operator call back and get someone else.lol

£8.99 with student discount too :-D

ordered thanks... definately worth a go

Ordered thanks

Ordered, thanks!



voted hot if we get the price!

this sounds incredibly good offer - to good to b true??

I don't even have a BR (or particularly like the films) and i'm tempted

Ordered 2. Mega HOT!

Don't forget Quidco!! :thumbsup:


£8.99 with student discount too :-D

Yep, £8.99 for me too; thanks to my sisters student discount card!

Probably a mis-price (Amazon are selling the SD boxset for £10.98).
Ordered placed anyway. Heat added

One ordered here too - thanks op

Nice find OP, fingers crossed it's not a misprice. Have ordered one hoping the price sticks...

Heat and rep added.

Ordered! Cheers.

Worth a try, not gonna hold my breath though. Cheers

ordered for the hell of it

Cant go wrong at that price.


Probably a missprice but you never know. Managed to get the Matrix Trilogy for £15 not too long ago on pre-order so maybe this is actually right... *wishful thinking*

Have ordered also thanks Op.
Starting to collect so this will go well in future (fingers crossed)..

I thought the Matrix trilogy for £15 was a misprice, and that came through okay. Will give this a go too.

Ordered! Thanks!

How do you get the student discount, I tried entering my NUS extra card no in but it didnt work!!
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