X-men 1/2/3: Last Stand: 6dvd: Box Set £15.99 Delivered @ HMV
X-men 1/2/3: Last Stand: 6dvd: Box Set £15.99 Delivered @ HMV

X-men 1/2/3: Last Stand: 6dvd: Box Set £15.99 Delivered @ HMV

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Get the complete X-Men story with this 6DVD box set, which features double disc sets of all 3 groundbreaking X-Men films.

X Men
The best comic book adaptation in years comes to DVD in this action packed adventure, with an excellent disc that comes packed with extras. With mutants roaming freely on the Earth the politicians are scared of this unknown force they can't control. Though the mutants are divided into two groups, The X Men, the good guys lead by Professor X, and the bad guys lead by the evil Magneto, who's determined to destroy mankind to make way for a new face to rule the Earth. Director Brian Singer keeps the action coming thick and fast and is helped out by an excellent cast. Watch out for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who steals the film from everyone in his debut big budget outing.

X Men 2
With mankind becoming even more fearful of the ever-growing Mutant problem, the X Men find themselves in a strange alliance with their archenemy Magneto, when a rouge Government agency begins to use the mutants to their own gain. Bryan Singer once again directs and manages to pull of a sequel that's equal if not better than the original film. All the main cast return but it's everyone's favourite Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) who steals the film once again as the wise-cracking, cigar smoking, unstoppable mutant.

X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men: The Last Stand sees the return of Wolverine, Professor X and their old foe Magneto, who is determined to start a war between humans and mutants. Spurred on by the human creation of a drug that can cure mutants of their powers Magneto rallies his forces for one final confrontation. The only thing standing in his way are the X-Men, but beset by problems of their own and with severely depleted numbers, can even these superheroes face off against an evil army? Find out in the third of the X-Men films!

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Cold I'm afraid, it's cheaper at 14 other retailers! TheHut/Asda is the cheapest at £12.92

Ugh, how confusing! Covers, versions, double discs... :? HMV have got 4 different versions of the 3-film boxset! :giggle:

My apol-ogees!

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You would have thought they would use different listings for the two different boxset on the comparison site.
(No hard feelings bristol)

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One good thing is that Hugh Jackman is in all of them - :roll: MMMmmmm

[CENTER][SIZE="4"]Just for you, me and maybe many other women!!![/SIZE]



Weird, HMV are selling the 3 disc version for the same price


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You see what you've started now BristolDeal - The Hugh Jackman Appreciation Society :giggle:[/QUOTE]

[SIZE="4"][CENTER] Now that's a body[/CENTER][/SIZE]

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Macdonna, I'll never get kids tea made if you keep posting pics like … Macdonna, I'll never get kids tea made if you keep posting pics like that! :whistling:

I cheated and went to the chippie round the corner.
[SIZE="4"][CENTER]You mean pics like this!!![/CENTER][/SIZE]

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