X Men Collection £5.00 ****** X-Men 1,2 and 3**** instore at tescos only

X Men Collection £5.00 ****** X-Men 1,2 and 3**** instore at tescos only

Found 15th Sep 2009Made hot 15th Sep 2009

**** possibly good for a put a way pressie for xmas ********

~ X-Men: ~ Born into a world filled with prejudice are children who possess extraordinary and dangerous powers the result of unique genetic mutations. Cyclops unleashes bolts of energy from his eyes. Storm can manipulate the weather at will. Rogue absorbs the life force of anyone she touches. But under the tutelage of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), these and other outcasts learn to harness their powers for the good of mankind. Now they must protect those who fear them as the nefarious Magneto (Ian McKellen), who believes humans and mutants can never co-exist, unviels his sinister plan for the future! ~ X-Men 2: ~ Hatred and distrust brew between human and mutantkind. An unprovoked mutant attack on the President gives General William Stryker (Brian Cox) his long-awaited opportunity to wage all-out war against the mutants. A war that would leave only one race victorious. Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Wolverine (Huge Jackman), Storm (Halle Berry) and the other X-Men must unite with their old adversary Magneto (Ian McKellen) to prevent a devastating confrontation that could destroy everyone on the planet. In X-Men 2, acclaimed director Bryan Singer delivers state-of-the-art special effects, explosive action and one twist after another. X-Men 2 takes excitement to the Xtreme! ~ X-Men 3: ~ Experience the awesome power of the X-Men's epic, final battle as the mutant is upon them and it is time to take a stand. Join well known mutant heros and villains and meet a host of adventure! After a controversial "cure" is discovered, mutants can choose to retain their superhuman abilities or give up their unique gifts and become "normal". When peaceful mutant leader Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) clashes with his militant counterpart, Magneto (Ian Mckellen), the battle lines are drawn for the war to end all wars. Bursting with non-stop action, spectacular special effects and exclusive special features, X-Men The Last Stand is a force of nature that will blow you away!Format: 3 DVD (Colour)Label: 20th Century FoxGenre: ActionBarcode: 5039036031486Category: 12

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A decent enough deal, i bought this a while back and still ended up buying the edition below which i rate higher in terms of packaging and overall content.

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