X-Men Quadrilogy: X-Men / X2 / X-Men: The Last Stand / X-Men: Origins - Wolverine (Blu-ray) - £16.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

X-Men Quadrilogy: X-Men / X2 / X-Men: The Last Stand / X-Men: Origins - Wolverine (Blu-ray) - £16.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

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Great price!


Blockbuster: £24.96
Amazon: £28.47
Base: £46.49
Play: £49.99
Tesco: £51.97
HMV: £53.99


X-Men: Born into a world filled with prejudice are children who possess extraordinary and dangerous powers-the result of unique genetic mutations. Cyclops unleashes bolts of energy from his eyes. Storm can manipulate the weather at will. Rouge absorbs the life force of anyone she touches. But under the tutelage of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), these and other outcasts learn to harness their powers for the good of mankind. Now they must protect those who fear them as the nefarious Magneto (Ian Mckellen), who believes humans and mutants can never co-exist, unveils his sinister plan for the future!

X2:The time has come for those who are different to stand united...

The X-Men have to band together to find a mutant assassin who has made an attempt on the President's life, while the Mutant Academy at Westchester is attacked by military forces prompting some uncomfortable home truths for Wolverine...

X-Men 3:Take a stand... When a pharmaceutical company publicises a 'cure' to suppress mutations, lines are drawn amongst the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart), and the Brotherhood, a band of powerful mutants organized under Xavier's former ally, Magneto (McKellen)...

X-Men: Origins - Wolverine: Leading up to the events in the X-Men film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) epically violent past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe.


excellent price thanks for posting, just ordered

red hot deal

almost as good as when it was £12!

paid £25.00 just for the trilogy a year ago so this is a red hot deal

Amazon dropped price to £17.97 for those preferring Amazon
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