X-Men - Trilogy: Collector's Edition Box Set(6 Discs) £9.99 @ Play

X-Men - Trilogy: Collector's Edition Box Set(6 Discs) £9.99 @ Play

Found 5th May 2009
X-Men The Movie (Dir. Bryan Singer, 2000): Born into a world filled with prejudice are children who possess extraordinary and dangerous powers - the result of unique genetic mutations. Cyclops unleashes bolts of energy from his eyes. Storm can manipulate the weather at will. Rogue absorbs the life force of anyone she touches. But, under the tutelage of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), these and other outcasts learn to harness their powers for the good of mankind. Now they must protect those who fear them as the nefarious Magneto (Ian McKellen), who believes humans and mutants can never co-exist, unveils his sinister plan for the future...

X-Men The Movie 2 (Dir. Bryan Singer, 2003): The time has come for those who are different to stand united...

The X-Men have to band together to find a mutant assassin who has made an attempt on the President's life, while the Mutant Academy at Westchester is attacked by military forces prompting some uncomfortable home truths for Wolverine...

X-Men The Movie 3 - The Last Stand (Dir. Brett Ratner, 2006): Take a stand...

When a pharmaceutical company publicises a 'cure' to suppress mutations, lines are drawn amongst the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart), and the Brotherhood, a band of powerful mutants organized under Xavier's former ally, Magneto (McKellen)....

The third film in the big-screen X-Men film franchise, which plays host to the addition of fan-favourite characters (including Beast, Juggernaut and Angel), further explorers the mutant human divide and also provides a glimpse into the fate of Jean Grey reborn as Phoenix...


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£7.99 @ Hmv

It was 7.99 at Play a couple of days ago.

Yep, Play hiked up by £2


£7.99 @ Hmv

Looks like HMV have hiked their price too, now £39.99 :w00t:


Cheapest is Amazon at £7.98


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Is this the steelbook / tin version?

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