X-Mi X-Mini II 2nd Generation Capsule iPod / MP3 Speaker RRP £29.99 only £14.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

X-Mi X-Mini II 2nd Generation Capsule iPod / MP3 Speaker RRP £29.99 only £14.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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XMI Singapore presents the all new second generation X-mini capsule speaker, an audio revolution in a box! Retaining the best characteristics of its first generation, the 2nd generation comes packed with vastly improved features & functions that will bring greater audio experience to its user.

New, larger 40mm driver delivers superb sound clarity:

The X-mini II introduces a larger 40mm driver to project richer and fuller sounds resulting in superior end-user experience from its innovative capsule design. Be it for individual or group entertainment, the X-mini II is the perfect audio enhancement for any music or video player of your choice.

Playback time tripled to 11 hours for longer, superior on-the-go audio:

Not only does the new design deliver unsurpassed audio quality, it now performs even longer. Three times the capacity of its predecessor, the new X-mini II comes with a new built-in high capacity rechargeable battery capable of sustained output for 11 hours of nonstop audio pleasure.

Built-in retractable 3.5mm audio cable offers hassle-free portability

Modular 'buddy-Jack' design: connect a row of X-Minis II for jaw dropping audio. This all new system enables you to connect one X-mini II to another, capable of forming an almost endless "daisy chain" of self-powered, bass-enhanced portable speaker system. With this new feature, you can now combine your X-mini II together with your friends to hold a spontaneous party anywhere you go. To eliminate cumbersome audio cables dangling from the speaker, XMI has designed a connecting audio cable that can be tucked neatly into the base for a cleaner and sleeker look.

About the Award Winning X-mini Capsule Speaker
Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards (Germany) and the Infocomm Singapore Awards, which is the top innovation award in Singapore. The X-mini capsule speaker is revolutionary in the world of portable audio technology, striking the perfect balance of pocketsize portability and uncompromising sound quality. The X-mini has a patented extendable vacuum that mimics the resonance of a sub-woofer (Bass Xpansion System or BXS) capable of producing explosive volume and bass over ten times its physical size.
Compact size, Matte black finish
High quality sound, with clear bass resonance
11 hours of continuous playback from one charge
Included USB charging cable, felt bag
Integrated 3.5mm audio lead


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Got two of these recently and they are fantastic - well worth the money - the cable is a bit small but will only be used for laptop, ipod etc so no biggie. ....



bought 3 of these when they were 29.99! cracking deal at £14.99

these things work brilliantly on my iphone/ ipod... really pack a punch


Great price Andy.

Could anybody tell me how this compares to the JBL travel speaker that was on HUKD a while back?

Think I'll get a couple of these. I might also get some for a friends wedding present so that I can borrow them when I'm on holiday to make it up to 4!

Took one of these to Mexico with me for my ipod touch..... Quality!!

I paid £17.99 a couple of weeks ago.


i paid £15.50 at amazon. Great sound from such a small speaker.

This blows other portable speakers out the water, in terms of volume and sound quality!

yup, they are superb quality, amazing volume from such a small unit.

These are soooooooo good!!!

100% recommended.

ill take your word for it guys .
Just bought one.

gr8 speakas, i got 1 4 my dorta larst weak hand thay are billient

thought this is quite funny.

the very first

[url]www.play.com[/url] back in 1996


These are great ,I bought 1 and the sound was great so I got another and they really pack a punch together .The charge lasts ages as well.

Seems very highly recommended, so just about to purchase one. Heat!

Are these iPhone compatible for sure ?


thought this is quite funny.the very first [url]www.play.com[/url] back … thought this is quite funny.the very first [url]www.play.com[/url] back in 1996http://web.archive.org/web/19961227123539/http://play.com/



Are these iPhone compatible for sure ?

yeah they will be, its got a 3.5mm jack on it and i just bought for my ipod touch HEAT+


Are these iPhone compatible for sure ?

Worked brilliantly on my mates 3G iPhone at the weekend and assume it'll work on a 3GS as it's the same size?

They use a standard 3.5mm jack they should work with pretty much anything that has a 3.5mm socket.

So that's most mp3 players.etc

Purchased two.

Damn, bought one of these for £15.50 a couple of days ago.

It's fantastic anyway, way better than the crummy speaker on my NC10. Perfect build quality and design, and awesome volume and sound quality for the size. Can be cranked up to 11 with pretty much no distortion.

I'm really surprised about how awesome this is for an unknown company in Singapore.

Another recomendation here, bought two the other week and they are awesome, you must buy one, if not two!

I ordered one of these at £15.50 from Amazon DSunday - still hasn't arrived and now there is the postal strike in London - I really want it now!

Going to a festival next week and this looks like the sort of thing i want for the campsite.
Can anyone clarify on whether i could use a battery back-up via USB to keep it juiced when the actual battery dies?
Not going to be able to recharge it once the 11 hour playback is over. Thanks in advance!

After reading the comments. i decided to purchase 2 of these. still waiting on the arriving thou

Got two from Amazon (same price), arrived today and very impressed at the sound, design and portability. Just ordered two more for myself and two as a gift for a friend. Do you get the impression I'm a happy customer? Thanks OP!

I got mine today but when i play any audio through it, it has some sort of crackling sound so im gonna return it

Got mine today and amazed how good it is for such a small thing perfect for taking on holidays and comes with a nice felt travel bag as well

These really are excellent. Bought one a while back which my hubby pinched, so bought another two. Just purchased another two at this price to give as gifts. Thanks OP.
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