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Posted 19 November 2022

X Rocker Battle High Sleeper Gaming with XL Gaming Desk 930/6080 - £360 / £368.95 delivered @ Argos

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X Rocker Gaming Bunk Bed

The X Rocker Gaming Bunk Bed is the World's First Gaming Bed, for those that eat and sleep gaming whether by day or night.

Power up for some serious gaming action with this fully loaded X Rocker gaming bunk bed. With the single bed tucked away up top, there's loads of space underneath for multiple monitors, keyboards and a decent sized gaming chair.

Store files and collectables on the upper shelves along with controllers and other gaming accessories. Store larger items underneath the desk on the base shelf to optimise your space. This is a versatile and durable gaming desk bed hybrid that's perfect for younger gamers.
Argos More details at Argos

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  1. Avatar
    Really good bed, has been cheaper before but not often - I picked it up a few months back, kid loves it (need two people to build it though, can't wing it solo.)
    Good to know, thanks!
  2. Avatar
    Ps. It does not come with the chair, or any of the other items that is not the bed frame and ofc the desk. (edited)
    Yea to be honest, they kind of managed to make this look really cool when in fact it is just a Plain bed with a desk underneith
  3. Avatar
    A fair bit more but I went for one of these for my boy, still awaiting delivery. Spent a while looking, keeping fingers crossed its a good decision.


    IKEA one is like £245
  4. Avatar
    I love the fact you put your £5000 PC almost on the floor to vac the carpet up nicely!
    If you have money for a £5000 pc, but are buying yourself a £400 cabin bed from Argos, I think it's fair to say you're leaning in to virginity pretty hard...
  5. Avatar
    Can a 5 foot 7 adult fit on this? Asking for a friend
    Can confirm
  6. Avatar
    Single bed obviously
  7. Avatar
    Booo being an adult and having to use a normal boring bed.
  8. Avatar
    Wake play sleep repeat 🤪
    No touching grass.
  9. Avatar
    Where was this when I was a youngster?!
    Even if this was out when I were a kid, I wouldn't get this as a present.

    Had to beg my mum to buy goldeneye on n64 for over two months.
  10. Avatar
    This seems like a horrible idea.
    Let's put the arguably most entertaining machine right below the kids bed. I'm sure they'll sleep so easily!
  11. Avatar
    I’m sure I’m missing something here… all I see is a bunk bed and desk underneath and it’s being branded a gaming bunk bed . Genius marketing as it will appeal to kids more than an “education study station”…. a bunk bed and a desk underneath!
  12. Avatar
    We got one of these for our 12 year old a few years ago……he loved it but all of a sudden now aged 14 (and had a growth spurt) is now wanting rid of it to get a proper gaming desk and normal single bed.

    Also, ours was missing a whole set of bolts, or rather twice as many as one bolt than we needed, so I had to contact the company who were pretty quick in sending out the correct bolts.

    Be warned though….some of the panels we had were marked. We decided to just put up with it as we may have ended up just getting another with similar marks.

    Also….it’s a bloody dust magnet and looks terrible after only a few days of cleaning it! (edited)
  13. Avatar
    just buy one of these and you need never see your child again
    Ultimate therapy to destroy your kids life
  14. Avatar
    Does it come with a mattress
    No just the bed frame with the desk
  15. Avatar
    just seen a comment it doesnt even come with the chair lmao.

    so its a cheap bed frame.
  16. Avatar
    Nice find, thanks for taking the time to share @Yajyes