X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair with 2.1 Wireless Sound System @ Argos(was 209.99)

X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair with 2.1 Wireless Sound System @ Argos(was 209.99)

£129.99Argos Deals
Found 13th Nov 2011
X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair with 2.1 Wireless Sound System.
Multi-media gaming chair

Sit back and relax in the X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair with an advanced wireless multimedia experience. This comfortable gaming chair, boasting an exceptional 2.1 sound system, gives you a whole new crisp surround sound experience when listening to your iPod/MP3 player, watching TV or playing video games. Making it a must-have purchase for gamers and technology fans alike.
An advanced gaming and multimedia chair with a swivel and tilt base, gunstock arms, 2.1 wireless audio, subwoofer vibration and supplemental rumble.
Wireless transmitter connects to any sound source - TV, DVD, all games consoles, handhelds, stereo amps, CD and MP3 players.
Batteries required: 2 x AAA (not included).

first deal after 3. years so be gentle please.i was after this gaming chair for a while and this is the cheapest i can find.

Also 1.5% cashback via Quidco & TCB

FREE £10 when you spend £100 or more (expires in 3 days)

- spacemaniac
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wots the maximum load?
no. why ?did i do something wrong??
Argos in title please
sorry never posted a deal before !

sorry never posted a deal before !

np, cheers
Thanks for edit spacemaniac
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Need a new one...but can't justify spending this amount again
heat given. by far the cheapest. should i hmmmn
Not surprise it's not selling on Argos. The picture they have got with a (Giant?) boy sitting on it makes it look tiny!
Nice price reduction I would worry about build quality and if it would last longer than 6 months. Not intending to get one myself but heat added for the find.
Unfortunately I don't own a basement to put it in
No info on maximum weight on Argos or the X Rocker site but one of the Argos reviewers mentions it was creaking when he tried it at 11 1/2st.

Thought that might be useful for some folks.
damn thats ugly
great deal but no room for it
this chair does not last, the metal stand had only small weldsdotted around the base and this cracked and broke...i managed to get someone to reweld it together, but the same happened again and i ended up binning it....
Looks rubbish, and the fact it needs batteries on top of all this? Most of the top end ones at least are rechargeable and what not. The stand does look a bit small for the chair and if you're going to spend money on a chair 2.1 surround isn't great.
Not in stock in my nearest 30 stores! (birmingham area, leicester area and coventry area)
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Too small for me but hot for the price
Imagine rigging this up in your car and hooking it to Google Maps,WOW.
out of stock
I bought this for my son last Christmas at this price.
He uses it with his PS3 most days and hasn't had any problems with it.
He's 13, 5'6" and 9st if that helps anyone.

I would suggest getting a psu for the wirless transmitter though as it does eat batteries.
this chair is a fantastic buy ... my son had this exact char about 5 years ago and only discarded it earlier this year because it really had taken a beating from him .... oh and my son is 6'3 weighing around 20stone if that helps
Isn't 2.1 stereo with a sub ?
Got this last year from Tescos. Great job!! Got 4 rechargeable batteries for the wireless and just rotate them using the USB on ps3 to recharge them.
Really uncomfortable to sit on. not voted.
i just got mine and set up.Everything is ok very happy the way it looks so misses cant complain.it is not to most comfortable chair but cant go wrong for this money.

Isn't 2.1 stereo with a sub ?

yes it is 2.1 plus vibration
it has got 4 grills side of the chair but only 2 on top working
its been this price for months
Well i found one locally to me went to get it this afternoon, must say it is brilliant on my Xbox 360, tv and just connected to iphone playing music.
The vibrating back on the seat has helped my back pain this afternoon too.

thanks rated HOT
heat added for pure geeksville - yeaaaahhhhbaby

heat added for pure geeksville - yeaaaahhhhbaby

Thinking about the culture of forums at the moment and feel i must say - im not trolling, im just a geek who loves geeky things and although i wont be purchasing this - it makes me happy just knowing it exists
I bought 1 from argos last week, I've been thinking about it for a bit I don't think this is a particularly special offer from argos..

Im 12 stone and the chair seems solid to me, quite heavy and there is no creeking from it, maybe people are getting confused with the noise the leather makes when you move around

There is 2 speakers at the top, a subwoofer and vibration, the grills at the bottom are just for decoration. The sound is great although if you have it turned on with no sound to block it out the chair does squeel and hum...

It's not the comfiest at stated, you need to put your feet up after a while because it hurts the back of your thighs hanging over the edge so foot stool required.
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