X Rocker Senior (brown) - Gaming chair - £44.99

X Rocker Senior (brown) - Gaming chair - £44.99

Found 5th Jul 2008Made hot 6th Jul 2008
Be part of the game with our games rocker collection that revolutionises your gaming experience. Hear the crowd erupt around you as you score the vital goal, feel the crash when you lose control at the bend, our rockers will intensify your experience, catapulting you right into the heart of the game, providing real-time sound and movement. Skilfully designed to provide both comfort and support, all rockers are compatible with a wide range of video game and audio systems, TVs, VCRs, DVDs and MP3 players. Gaming or listening to your favourite music will never be the same again.

* Features a built-in powered 80w RMS subwoofer with 2 x 80w RMS 3inch stereo ear level headrest speakers featuring AFM (audio frequency modulation) audio technology for sound enhancement.

* Compatible with PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Game Cube, Nintendo DS, PC, TV, DVD players, VCRs, iPODs, MP3 players and other audio and visual devices with RCA connectivity or adaptability.

* Complete with Y-adaptor to fit most MP3 players and portable CD players.

* Up to 8 chairs can be connected (games/audio system allowing) for the ultimate multi-player gaming experience.

* Easy to switch from game to music mode by changing the sound source.

* Folds away for easy storage, secured with locking pin and plate when open and in use.

* Suitable for ages 15 years and over and only suitable for indoor use.

* Size (H)81, (W)54.5, (D)94cm, weight 17.25kg.

* Size folded (H)69, (W)54.5, (D)76cm.

- Liam_p

- OldEnglish



thanks for taking the time to post this, but none near me sadly.

look smart i got no were to put one

WOW! are argos open on a sunday?


WOW! are argos open on a sunday?



voted hot!

cannt find stock no where in london

Has any1 found any in stock:S???


WOW! are argos open on a sunday?

eh? you didnt know?

No longer showing on the site?

Hot but no stock anywhere near me

Worksop have pick up available it seems

"* Easy to switch from game to music mode by changing the sound source."

In other words there's no such thing as "modes" - it's just a chair with loudspeakers in, isn't it?

Hot, but none near me.

I have one of these so here's my comments. It's nothing like a Pyramat, it's not as comfy, nor is the sound as good. Also if you plan to use this on a carpet it leaves massive grooves where it's been. I gave to put mine on a rug to protect the floor.

Still it's a darn sight cheaper than a Pyramat.


none in central scotland!

hmm,would be hot if you could actually buy it!:whistling:

I Take you all missed the black ones for £44.99 at around xmas time

BTW i agree pyramats are better but for £44.99 can you complain?

This has been around for sometime tried most London stores near me.. No luck. ended up getting a black one for £54.99 at the Eltham store. Hot if only you can find one:whistling:

I wouldnt hook up the sound to those tho id just be using it as a chair

checked 5 countys and not in stock in any of them.....as usal

no stock. anyone actually found one?

none in cardiff within 20 mile radius

non in or around Birmingham either good deal for anyone who manages to get one though!!


this guy is the only person who managed to get one...jammy s:-Dd look at his cheesy grin

rubbish... out of stock everywhere!

Now stock in around the north-west areas (merseyside)

Really? I can't seem to find anywhere in Liverpool.
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