X-Tone Shaker with wire ball 89p @ Home Bargains

X-Tone Shaker with wire ball 89p @ Home Bargains

Found 17th Jan 2017
It's simply a 600ml shaker for mixing powder drinks. It's 'exactly' the same as this but has a blue lid and X-Tone printed on the front. I bought the one in Argos a couple of weeks ago and it's been great value at £2.99. Really good build quality, tight lid, durable flip top and measurements up one side.
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Make sure you try the lid in the shop .. The one I bought leaked all over cos the lid was very slightly iffy.
Yeah I use mine as a drinks bottle for work and the lid is shocking. Comes open very easily and went everywhere in my old bag
I just use the Addis plastic cup with blue screw on lid jobbas. Don't carry as much volume but about 40p (in Home Bargains) and very good fitting lid.
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