X Twin Planes £1.22 Instore Tesco

X Twin Planes £1.22 Instore Tesco

Found 20th Mar 2008
My apologies if there any errors, this is my first post.
In Tesco(irvine) I found an X-twin plane for £1.22, normally they are £14.97

This range of radio control X-Twin mini planes from Silverlit use the very latest technology creating fun little flying gadgets. They are ready to fly and easy to operate. Made out of non-breakable polyfoam and with twin propellers situated out of harms way behind the wings you can fly them indoors without risk of damage or outside on calm days. These X twin planes are powered by a built-in lithium battery and are recharged directly from the handset. Their tiny size makes these mini planes a nimble micro flyer. All models have a wingspan of approximately 23cm. Flying styles include hand take off, descend and spot landing, circling and gliding. With the steering controlled precisely by the two propellers, all-sorts of ariel antics are possible! 1 plane is supplied and colours or styles may vary. These mini toy planes are suitable from age 8.


just been to local superstore these are going through the tills at 11.22 not 1.22

Really? It seems like forrix has made a School-Boy.

Does it have Freeview

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£1.22 is what I paid for it...
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