X1900GT 256MB VIVO True HDCP 36pixel shader's dual DVI - £102.95
X1900GT 256MB VIVO True HDCP 36pixel shader's dual DVI - £102.95

X1900GT 256MB VIVO True HDCP 36pixel shader's dual DVI - £102.95

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I am a bit of an IT enthusiast, and this is a seriouse card for that price (£102) it will play any game with out breaking a sweat, it will play oblivion at 1023*768 with AA/AF (no mean feat) this card is very power full but it will need a power supply and a half I recommend any Hiper or Enermax product but aslong as it has around 22amps ont he 12v rail you will be fine.

this card's nvidea counterpart (7900gs) has round about the same performance and almost identicle price, but the ATI card's support true HDCP quality where as the 7900's do not. Also ATI's drivers are alot stronger in comparison to Nvidea's

this needs a PCI-E lane and will not work in a AGP slot


Can you recommend a good PSU to go with this card? I'm using an MSI RC410 mobo with a P4 3.2ghz CPU and a gig of ram.

I'm very tempted... Voted hot.

Best bet is a Seasonic 430W, about £45 and basically silent.

Comes with free super saver delivery from eBuyer as well :thumbsup:

Is 430w definitely enough to power this card?

I was looking at 550w for my next upgrade, but the prices have been putting me off. That Seasonic seems very reasonable.

I don't want my PC melting

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well I have a q-tec 650watt PSU this is an overkill but I like system stability and Ime also a bit of an overclocker

if you'r skint there's some pretty poor quality 600watt PSU's for 20 odd quid double fan and they look nice enough, you wont get enermax performance but then again you'r not spending an extra 80quid

its not a matter of watage its the ability of the PSU to provide an ampage on a rail I can get 32amp's on my 12v rail so it surpasses the recommended 22

so check the ampage on the rail of the PSU you are going to buy

and raybog seasonic are a pretty decent manufacturer if the price is right and the ampage... go for it.

q-tec kill systems (no offence reidy), do not buy them as I have seen and heard of various systems being completely killed by them.

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lol don't worry they were the old series (400/450 +golds) and yeh they have a very bad reputation, but the new product's are alot better, and are very good for the money ( I do research a bit before i buy thanks for the warning anyhow)

ive had a 550w q-tec psu in my household for literally years and its been from machine to machine, had fans swapped over etc and its been faultless (touch wood). thats a cracking card for the money!

This is a good price for this card, as most review sites have them for the £140 mark, I've not done a price search to find out myself. Snap them up while you can as the word is they are not making these cards anymore.

This card is based on the X1900 XT core, stripped down a little as some pixel shaders are disabled and it clocks slower than the XT. Apparently there are two version out but both perform more or less the same.

As for Q-TEC they are the bottom of the barrel in terms of PSU quality, no overclockers or gamers I know would recommend them at all. Their PSUs are badly designed and they use the worst capacitors (Check badcaps PSU forums)

Amps are important for hungry graphics cards but Wattage rating is also important as the higher the watt, the more efficient the PSU will be at lighter loads. This means increased stability, less heat from the power conversion, better airflow and increased lifetime.

The minimum Amps for a system today is 26A, including a hungry graphics card. Any more and you will need 30A+ on more than one 12v rail.

Seasonic are very good, but only the Seasonic S-12, S-12E+, M-12 range.

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as genkgenk said these card's arn't bieng made any more, but the new 'x1900gt' is its now called the x1950 pro it has the same specs but a slower core speed and faster memory and has round about the same performance specs

Yeah, the X1950PRO is similar but it's based on a new, less power-hungry core. It's main rival is the 7900GS which it will beat in most benchmarks. However the 7900GS overclocks really well compared to the X1950PRO and is a lot cheaper. The X1950PRO is flying off shelves as well, they can't meet the demand from what I hear.

As for Q-TEC, some are fine for everyday tasks. Just don't use them in high-end gaming rigs. I've known people spend well over £1000 on high-end components and then spend £20 on a cheap PSU and kill their whole system within an hour. PSU's are so overlooked, always buy a top quality brand.

has this got s-video out ?

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no but you can get it by using to converters that would cost a couple of quid each from ebay

DVI-D to VGA and VGA to s-video
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