X2 The Threat - PC £0.96 delivered @ game
X2 The Threat - PC £0.96 delivered @ game

X2 The Threat - PC £0.96 delivered @ game

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Mankind's exploration of the stars has not been without incident. It has been fraught with dangers. Conflicts have ensued across a hundred sectors of space. New races have been discovered. Treaties of commerce signed - declarations of war enforced.

It is a universe of smugglers and businessmen, of bounty hunters and travellers, from countless worlds. All striving to make their mark on a universe in constant flux. It is a dangerous place, with threats both from within and beyond. After years of conflict, an uneasy peace has settled across the many worlds, as humans and aliens strive to live together in harmony.

A failed star ship theft brings you to the attention of the authorities, and the cold reality of a lengthy sentence on a penal world. En-route to hard labor, you are brought before a senior member of the Argon Federation's Security Force, an offer of redemption and freedom on the table. Seizing the opportunity, you set forth with your new life, hauling freight for TerraCorp.

Old ghosts however never rest, and before long your past catches up with you. The discovery of a new race and their destructive intentions brings adventure fraught with danger and intrigue. Revelations from your past begin to emerge and these must be faced as you discover your true identity. Decisions are to be made, struggling between your conscious and loyalties.

X2 the Threat for PC Features:

Graduated learning curve allows for immediate action.
Absolute state of the art graphics engine utilising all the latest Direct X capabilities.
Heart thumping storyline and missions.
Large dynamic universe to interact with and explore.
Thousands of objects including, stations, ships, a myriad of weapons, commodities to trade and different races with their own agendas and technologies.
Build your own empire with all of these objects at your disposal as a trader, bounty hunter, pirate, miner or a cunning combination of them all.

Worth a go at under a quid delivered.


been posted before but good price.

This was a great game....very addictive. Also recommend the latest one, Terran Conflict

Original Poster

I'd heard Terran Conflict needed a high end machine to play it on due to the graphics. Is that true?


I'd heard Terran Conflict needed a high end machine to play it on due to … I'd heard Terran Conflict needed a high end machine to play it on due to the graphics. Is that true?

Not particulaly, it does grind to a halt sometimes (in very large capship battles) but time will tell whether that's because it needs a more powerful graphics card or whether it's badly programmed (I suspect the latter). Certainly, most of the game is perfectly fine on a modest system I believe.

TC recently also had the disk check removed in the 2.5 patch, so now's a good time to buy.


]Beware of the hard Khaak ! :oops:

lool, that vid is great


We haven't seen the last of the Khaak...

Loved this game. Reminded me a lot of Elite.

Heat and rep added.

(Rep to evilkaz, too, for that link!)


]Beware of the hard Khaak ! :oops:

I've heard those Khaak can be slippery sometimes, and pop out when you least expect it.
Quite surprising really...

Not sure about the graduated learning curve. I found this game very difficult to get to grips with, not one for the casual gamer I guess.

For a quid though you have little to lose If it isn't your cup o' tea.

Yea, this a great sandbox but the UI and just the way you have to navigate it, is just so badly done. And the learning curve is about as steep as Canary Wharf

This game is great. Heat added.

thanks. heat added
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