x6 Can of Coke Original or  Coke Zero £2 @ Poundland

x6 Can of Coke Original or Coke Zero £2 @ Poundland

Found 9th Jul 2017
Title says it all.
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Why buy that when they often have the pack of four small bottles of pepsi for £1 which are about the same amount as a can
These where a much better deal when the voucher was in date
This is Poundland every deal I have seen for Poundland that costs more than a £1 has gone into minus and I will always vote minus on principal THIS IS A POUND SHOP FOR CHRIST SAKE!
£6.50 in Tesco for 24-pk.
33p a can isn't a deal at all, anything over 30p is just average price.
cold better deals elsewhere and agree its a pound shop not a £2 shop !
OMG! I'm so expensive. I do laugh when I see those signs. They try to make out you are getting a bargain. Maybe in Poundlands world but we all know we can get better deals elsewhere.
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