----Xaphoon Jones ---- FREE MIX TAPE DOWNLOAD !!!
----Xaphoon Jones ---- FREE MIX TAPE DOWNLOAD !!!

----Xaphoon Jones ---- FREE MIX TAPE DOWNLOAD !!!

Xaphoon Jones is the DJ for Chiddy Bang who are going to be very big very soon.they are playing at Glastonbury and the times newspaper have printed a whole article on them in there newest magazine.on the web link there is a taste of some of his songs. free things cannot be bad so much love.if it is not ur cup of tee please dont hate and rate cold....


the download link on that page is dead. i've commented it though. Heated anyhoo....

If you like this it's worth checking out the free Chiddy Bang remix EP that's on their website for free called 'Air Swell'
The hot chip remix 'hey london' and ellie goulding remix's are awesome.

Thanks for the heads up Plastic Tramp - but I can't find the website you are referring too - could you please give me a direct link to it please.


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1 the link is not down it works fine 4 me.
nd 2 u can get the chiddy bang mix tapes of the my space.the better mix tape called swelly express u have to search 4 in google but well worth it when u find a good link.
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