Xbox 360 20gig hdd - £27.97 @ PC World
Xbox 360 20gig hdd - £27.97 @ PC World

Xbox 360 20gig hdd - £27.97 @ PC World

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Ideal if you want to expand your Xbox 360 arcade.

Is also for sale in comet (instore only) for £69.99 so you could try for a price match. I got mine for @ £25.50 yesterday


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thank you will have to read up on how to do it for myself

Is this the item that gets posted every few days, that is not available anywhere :whistling:
One of the phantom ending in 97p items that nobody can find

Out of stock within an 80 mile radius of me!!


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I purchased this yesterday from Comet in Wolverhampton at the St Georges retail park, both Comet and PCWorld Wolverhampton had them in stock

i cant find it on comet site.....

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Comet only have the 120gig hdd on the web site, but they had the 20 gig in store yesterday

I was going to vote this cold. But, like Mark says if you use the price match option you may be able to get it from one of the other stores at the same price.


the price match is genius, thanks.

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If you managed to get one post your deal please

Cheer's m8, just got one @ 25.99 wot a result :thumbsup:

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well done, happy to help, which branch did you get it from

Will comet definately price match pc world if the 20gb is in stock at my local?

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as long as its in stock within 10 miles of the comet store you should be ok. I had no problems yesterday

what did you say when you walked in?

added heat, don't know why so cold + left u some rep ;-)

I called earlier today(comet) to see if they had any at my local store and they had 1 @69.99 so asked if they price matched pcworld and they said just do a printout and they will, went down to store with printout, asked if they had 360 hdd's in and said i phoned earlier and they said yes we have one @ £69.99 which they showed me,so i then asked if they price match pcworld? they replied yes have you your printout? i replied yes and gave them the printout...............end result walked out paying just £25.99 :whistling:.

;-) What makes me laff they didnt have any in stock @ pcworld and still price matched it without checking it :thumbsup:

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When the assistant heard about pcworlds price he couldnt believe it, but his manager took it in his stride
(the assistant then said he was going to get 1 for himself)

Bargain. I see the cold nob heads have been about again ;-). Heat left.

Why are people voting this cold?

I am going to try to get it tomorrow in Comet with the pricecheck

My hubby has just been to the comet in blackpool, but they will not honour the price match as they say it is not in stock anywere! (he made a phone call to check),

Would have been a good deal, but I think that this is just going to be pot luck.:oops:

same for me:(

really disappointed

Comet stupidly priced match a Wireless Adaptor for £29.99 - 10% against ToysRus today.
Woop woop!
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