Xbox 360 4GB Console - £139.99 @ Argos

Xbox 360 4GB Console - £139.99 @ Argos

Found 11th Aug 2010
Release date 20th of August.

PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 console per order - when pre-ordering more than 1 console, please place separate orders for each game.

Argos will never knowingly oversell this item.

Argos will endeavour to deliver FREE on the launch date however Argos cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery if there is a disruption to services outside of our control.

If the release date slips the console will be delivered on the new release date.

The new Xbox 360 is the only console with 802.11n Wi-Fi built-in for a faster and eaasier connection to Xbox LIVE.
Stream HD movies and TV or download games from Xbox LIVE in 1080p and 5.1 surroundsound from anywhere in the house.
Compatible with b/g/n networks.
Xbox LIVE brings a world of entertainment to you, download game add-ons like new levels, characters, maps and songs.
Easily jump right into online multi-player fun and play along with friends around the world.
Get your favorite music from, connect with friends on Facebook and post Tweets on Twitter.
Kinect ready featuring a dedicated, specialised port, the Xbox 360 4GB is built to conect seamlessly with the Kinect sensor.
Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extra-ordinary new ways with no contoller required.
Easy to use and instantly fun, Kinect gets everyone off the couch moving, laughing and cheering.
Connect more accessories and storage solutions with added USB ports, now with a total of 5 (3 back/2 front) you'll find more places plug and play.
In addition to the standard Ethernet port and HDMI output, an integrated audio out port for an easier connection to booming sound of your A/V reciever has been added.
Includes Xbox 360 wireless controller - black, Xbox 360 composite A/V cable, one month of Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.


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I know purchasing the 250GB makes more sense but the best 4GB deal out there for those that want to pre-order!


Providing all the space you need. 4 gig is like 4 demos

Suppose you cant even use an xbox hard drive as its internal now isnt it?

I originally thought that the 4GB was a typo xD

Will you be able to buy an hard-drive for this? I personally would prefer the matt finish, so this xbox with an additional hard-drive would be a better option.

the 250 gig slim has a removable one so hopefully this one does :s

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you'll be able to buy a MS 250gb HD anyway or use an external HD but like i said its for those that arent prepared to pay 189.99 or 199.99 for the 250gb version

huh, 4 GIG, no ways....

A pre-order for something like this is crazy. There will be loads around on release and the price wars should kick in very soon afterwards.

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chrismas is going to be an interesting time for all consoles!

This should be great for the guys who were moaning about 250GB hard drive being to big lol. Seems a good price to me for what you get, Better quiter console, built in wireless, touch sensitive buttons and tons of USB ports.

Remember you can use external drives for content aswell, add a hard drive later when they start selling them seperatly.

This is almost half the cost of the ps3 slim from most retailers, seems amazing value for the newer model minus a hard drive..
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Must be PS3 fans voting it cold ....... LOL...... as to be honest with you like i already mentioned its wiser to go for the 250gb than the 4gb but for the PRICE when you can either buy an MS HD or just plug in an external who can argue with that for a good console!

Remember you can use flash drives and external hard drives for the xbox now. You could get this + a 1tb external HDD for cheaper than the 250gb model.


Remember you can use flash drives and external hard drives for the xbox … Remember you can use flash drives and external hard drives for the xbox now. You could get this + a 1tb external HDD for cheaper than the 250gb model.

There's a 16Gb limit for external storage.

As much as love all things 360, I really can't see the point to this model. A 20GB or 40GB for less than the full on 250GB would have made more sense but 4GB is nuts, demo's come in at 1.2GB and upwards for some modern games.

Why you would buy this at this price is beyond me.

The 250GB is £45 more, you can only have a 16GB external hard drive, you can't use regular hard drives as the bay for it in the new consoles is a different shape, M$ will charge you at least £60 for a hard drive of 250GB size. (You may say that shopto were selling them for £42 but those were for the old model so were probably just trying to shift old stock.)



There's a 16Gb limit for external storage.

Oh, lol. Scrap that then this deal sucks.


Oh, lol. Scrap that then this deal sucks.

Actually if you format an external drive to HFS+ there is no limit, i.e you could use a 1tb hard drive and fill it with movies, pictures, music etc and use it on your xbox360 if your drive is hfs+ format.

Macdrive can format your drive to hfs+ for you ;-)

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There is a limit of 16GB for any non-360 branded device. You can use as many devices as you want, two at a time, but you can't go over 16GB on each.

4Gb... whats the point
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