Xbox 360 60GB , 7 Game Pack including Guitar HeroWT £299.99 @ ToyRUs

Xbox 360 60GB , 7 Game Pack including Guitar HeroWT £299.99 @ ToyRUs

Found 16th Nov 2008
Have great fun with this great Xbox 360 60GB Guitar Hero 7 Game Pack, features the Xbox 360 60 GB console with its 60GB hard drive plus
Xbox 360 Guitar Hero: World Tour - Game and Guitar,
Xbox 360 PGR4 and Sega Superstars Tennis,
Xbox 360 Star Wars II The Trilogy,
Xbox 360 Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and
Xbox 360 Accessory Pack!
and by the looks of it Kung foo panda and Lego Indiana Jones.

Well This may or may not be a good deal as it seems most of the games are for the younger gamers.
Free delivery on orders over £150.

Also if you actually noticed the Guitar Hero WT game bundle is actually the PS3 version in the picture. Probably just a mistake by Toys R Us, but hopefully you will get the XBox 360 version??

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Personally, I think that the other bundles right now offer better value, in the sense that for £169.99 you can have Lego Indy, Kung Fu Panda and Viva Pinatá (Argos) or Fable II (Amazon) and a official extra wireless controller for £169.99. Add yourself Guitar Hero WT game bundle for £69.99 and thats £230, leaving you £70 to mull over the rest of the games. PGR 4 can be picked up cheaply now, as can Lego Star Wars......replace Pirates of the Caribbean and Sega Superstar Tennis with a couple of better games and I am sure you can build yourself a better pack of games for the same amount of money elsewhere.
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