Xbox 360 Arcade Console with Sega Tennis £84.99 at Game
Xbox 360 Arcade Console with Sega Tennis £84.99 at Game

Xbox 360 Arcade Console with Sega Tennis £84.99 at Game

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Just back from town this morning where Game were selling the Xbox Arcade Packs that come with Sega Superstars tennis for £84.99! I have an Elite which I am selling so I afford the new one. This is a great price to get an Xbox 360 if you don't have one!

I have checked online but it seems to be instore only!


i guess in time for new slim

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This is new and not pre-owned?
I guess I can go to a Game in about 2 hours to check.

Beats The Tesco Deal

Outstanding price.

Will these have hdmi output, or be older models?

Must be preowned

How much were thees about 2 weeks ago?
Cause if US are having $50 cut on theres becuase of slim. I guess ours will be £30-£40 cut possibly more if microsoft really want to get rid of these.

very good price

If this is new and it is a Jasper 105w model I would say that this is a really good price.

Anyone verified this? Just rang Derby Game and they said its still £119.99 for the Arcade

super hot


how much does it cost to get an xbox flashed? :whistling:

Bout £20 depending on the drive. I think these are LT drives btw

Stupidly cheap, cheaper than trade can buy them.

Game Stafford:

Pre-owned - £119.99

New with one game - £139.99


Hmm seems people aren't finding these elsewhere? I wonder if that paticular Game has put out the new pricing for these ahead of everyone else?

is the tesco deal still valid?

This deal is for the Sega Superstars Arcade pack which was discontinued last year.
There are VERY few of these around now.
The standard Arcade pack price has not changed (yet).

Another rare deal then? I won't waste my time looking for it

Great deal

A nice jtag box 512 nand jasper if anyone can find one will have the right dash to hack it
Just done mine the other day playing emulators and not having to find the disk to play is good

Very intersting. WIll it run xbmc I have heard you can run Linux on it. How difficult is it to hack ?

Price is 120 pounds.

lol, interesting how this deal is crazy hot when there's absolutely nothing to show it even exists!

Agreed - voted cold, sorry!
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