Xbox 360 Black Wireless 'N' adapter £39.99 @ Argos

Xbox 360 Black Wireless 'N' adapter £39.99 @ Argos


It's amazing how they can justify charging so much for this - it's almost 1/4 of the price of a brand new 250GB 360 kit!

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Yes I agree but at the same time this seems a good price compared to the usual price.

Cheaper on Amazon @ £36.44 - Clicky!

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[quote]Cheaper on Amazon @ £36.44 - Clicky!/quote]

Absolutely right, pressed the thumbs up thing by your comment (Is that rep now?) and will expire this to make sure no one orders it at this price.

I think this will drop in price a lot more over the next few month with the new slim having built in wireless so i am going to wait a bit

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Alternatively Cash convertors have some good pre-owned prices. I got a 'N' adapter from then last week for £26 delived. The white 'G' ones are often at £22 on there aswell.
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