Xbox 360 - Clive Barkers Jericho (Special offer limited time)

Xbox 360 - Clive Barkers Jericho (Special offer limited time)

Found 2nd Nov 2007
Clive Barker's Jericho

Platform: Xbox 360
Publisher: Codemasters
Genre: Adventure: Survival Horror
Release Date: Friday 26th October 2007

NEW: £24.99 usually dispatched 3-5 working days


good price but not heard or seen many reviews on this

I ordered this along with half price pro evo 2008 so got a great deal considering the games were only out last week and if I dont like either of them I can trade them in for £30 each.

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Look at the videos on this site. graphics and gameplay is awesome.…eos


Look at the videos on this site. graphics and gameplay is awesome. … Look at the videos on this site. graphics and gameplay is awesome.;videos

mate, your link doesnt really give it a glowing report to help sell it does it

GameSpot Score
6.5 fair
Poor level design poisons Jericho's awesome but unrealized potential.

The Good
Gorgeously creepy visuals and sound Jumping between teammates makes for a lot of variety Some tense, exciting firefights .
The Bad
Horrifically confined level design leaves no room to maneuver Lame final boss caps a stupendously awful ending Long animations and visual effects leave certain characters far too vulnerable in battle

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fair does, but i'm not here to tell u whether it is good or not, i just sent it cuz the price is good and iv got it and i think its quite good, look at the vids on that site the gameplay ones titled ones and c wot ya think..

I just received the new issue of Edge magazine and they gave it 5 out of 10, and the overall impression they gave was that it was disappointing. In the same issue they gave The Orange Box 10 out of 10 (a rare full score from Edge) so spend your pennies on that instead (I have and it's the best release this year by far!)

It's a very poor game, shoot shoot shoot, run, repeat.

good find but buyer beware

I'll second that. I had the misfortune of getting this and was sorely disappointed - shiny, gooey flesh and blood is exciting for the first 10 or so times you see it, and you have to love the repulsive main menu screen, but ultimately this is a very shallow game, with a dodgy script, wooden voice acting and some less than inspiring AI. Essentially a run and gun shooter with some nice special effects...would have served better as a free tech demo for the developers engine tbh.

Would wait for it to dip below £15 before a purchase, and even then, you may feel like you've just found another blokes pants in the Mrs' cars glove compartment.

Yeh I've been wondering if to get this but not on Xbox360,think I saw it on PS3.

i played the demo and i think its worth £25, i bought it along with pes 2008 for £50.... also this is £49.99 in store, for some reason
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