Xbox 360 core + 2 games plus extras - £149.99 @ play

Xbox 360 core + 2 games plus extras - £149.99 @ play

Found 9th Apr 2008
Dunn0 if this is a typo but on the site it says this is 149!! same as arcade!
Xbox 360 Core Console + Forza Motorsport 2 + Viva Pinata + Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged Vol 1 + Extra Controller


Wow! That is a good deal.

This is the core, that is, the old model. So you won't get the HDMI connection, the new chipset (and improved reliability), and wireless controller in the box.

So cold it's painful. Silly not to pay the extra for the updated version.

yea cold. do not buy a core version for that price. not worth it.

Extremely cold. No HDMI Port and old parts inside which means it will be more likely to breakdown.

dont ppl on here read the media

ARCADE PACK dropped to 149.00 includes wireless pads hdmi etc and 5 naff retro games

argos now doing it blockbusters got sim deals they everywhere now


Thats why he said same as arcode

It's a good deal, especially if someones console has messed up and they're looking for a new one, bought one today, cheers mate (ended up being 142 quid thanks to a 5% voucher), after i sell all the controllers/games i will have only lost a tenner.
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